Sunday, 1 September 2013

#supergorgeoussept day 1 : hair

Hey lovelies, today I've decided to take up the #supergorgeoussept challenge on Instagram, which as you can guess is one of those challenges where you post a picture of a different thing every day of the month. The biggest challenge for me is to remember to post each day I think! You can have a look on my Instagram @charlgaga or just follow me on bloglovin as I'll be posting each picture on here too! 
The first post was today's hair, which for me is my usual straightened but a bit messy locks! Simple and maybe a tad boring but sorry guys I jut decided to do the challenge and my hair was already not very interesting ( it's lazy Sunday). I'm about to go have a face mask and then sort through some more stuff to take to uni, how can I possibly decide which parts of my beauty stash to take? Help!
If you're taking part post your links below as I'd love to see everyone else's #supergorgeoussept posts!
Lots of love 

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