Saturday, 21 September 2013

#supergorgeoussept day 20: sparkle!

Ahhh how pretty is this picture! I love sparkle, so this wasn't the easiest day to pick a picture with the theme sparkle for my 30 day instagram challenge (check it out on here or instagram), but as I was busy packing I came across my beloved glitter eyeliners and little pots which I usually use over eye shadow. These make it out for christmas most years then dissapear for the rest of the year or until a suitable fancy dress occasion. But as the party season fast approaches ( kind of ) I thought why not discuss some of my favourites.
The glitter pots I have no idea where I got them, I think a few were presents and just others I have collected, but the pens I bought myself.

The Urban Decay Heavy Metal was actually a repurchases as I love it that much, it's a gorgeous bronze colour which makes it quite wearable but also its such high quality. No stickiness or blobbiness, it's a slightly thinner formula as you can see but this means it doesn't stick your eyelids together or form lines as it dries fast!

The other three came in a christmas set from 17 last year I think, so look out for them in Boots soon! There's a silver, gold, and my favourite turquoise. I must admit I dont get half as much wear out of these as I did as a seven year old whose makeup consisted of just glitters and wierd tinted lipsticks, but they're fab for glam nights out! The 17 offerings aren't as good quality as those from Urban Decay, but are still worthwhile and must cheaper! I find the 17 ones easier for building up coverage if you're going for full on glitter, and both are fab for a glittery liner!

Both appear in sets around Christmas time so I imagine they'll be popping up in stores in the next month. And if glitter isn't your thing, you can still enjoy todays picture. Ahhh glitter!

(L-R) Urban Decay in Baked, 17 Glitters, Silver, Turquoise, Gold.
Apologies for the out-of-focus picture but I was trying to capture the sparkliness!

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