Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Starting Off Project Week 3: Foundation

Okay so here's the big one, foundation. Getting your base right is probably the most important thing when doing your makeup, and foundation is key to this. This one's a long one, and picture heavy, so get your pens and paper out gals!

I'm going to try and be as concise as possible, and have narrowed this chat down to three things that need to be discussed when it comes to getting foundation right- COLOUR, TYPE, APPLICATION.
We can talk COLOUR first as this is pretty simple. You need a foundation that is the same colour as your skin. Not the colour you think you are, not the colour you aim to be, the colour you are! You can get away with a shade up or down to create a slighlty paler or darker look as long as it's blended down the neck, and of course if you're a regular fake tanner then you'll need a colour to match your face after it's been tanned. The easiest way to get a proper colour is to get matched at a counter, although the products can be pricey, so my tip is to swatch colours on your hand, find which is best suited, then swatch it onto your jaw bone to check. Make sure you check this in natural light as well as warm store-lights, and if possible wear for an hour or so as foundations can change slightly after a few minutes or on different skins.

Now onto TYPES:

ONE: The classic liquid foundation. It usually comes in bottles like those above with a pump, and is possibly one of the most difficult to apply. There are different coverages - heavy ones that cover all like Maxfactor Colour Adapt, medium which cover discolouration and minor spots like MaxFactor All Day Flawless or Lower such as Bourjois Healthy Mix (I'd call this a low-medium really as I'm not a medium fan). These suit all types of skin really, although you might want to go oil free if you're particularly oily (more on this later). You can usually tell the coverage if it's not on the bottle by swatching over a freckle or vein, generally the thicker the formula, the higher the coverage.

TWO: Tinted moisturiser. This is for if you want a lower coverage than foundation and is particularly good for your skin as it doesn't clog it up. I think I've left mine at my boyfriends but if you're new to makeup or tinted moisturiser, or have the type of skin that needs foundation so wouldn't always wear a tinted moisturiser something like this Nivea Daily Essentials is more practical - just mix it on the back of your hand with your normal liquid, that way you'll save money and make sure you stay the right colour. Tinted moisturisers and BB creams (posh tinted moisturisers) usually only come in a few shades.

THREE: Oil Free. Comes under the liquid foundation option but as mentioned, is probably better for oilier types or those who just need coverage on the T-Zone. There's not much to say on that one other than this, and this Body Shop Oil Free Balancing one is really nice.

FOUR: Mousse. I love a good mousse foundation, theyre so easy to scoop up and smooth over your face super fast and if rubbed in well it's not hard to get an even finish. This is an old No7 one that got discontinued (cry) but before this it was the only base I would use. They do do an updated version now, or you could stick with the UK's favourite - Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse. However, mousse's arent the best on dry skin as it can cling to those flaky patches and isn't too long lasting. Uh oh, patchy face!

FIVE: Mineral Powders. First of all, these are not the same as loose finishing powder, so please don't brushing huge chunks of that all over your face. As a dry product these are perfect for dry skins as they won't stick, although they suit a multitude of skin textures and really help with spotty skin as the powder allows the skin to breathe. Bare Minerals are good for a wide selection and colour matching, but you can find cheaper versions on the high street such as this No7 Mineral Perfection one.

The best way to find what suits you really is to try. While one base products works for me, it probably doesn't work for my best friend or sister, even someone with very similar skin might not have the same results with the same product. The best tip would be to test before you buy- ask for testers at counters or an application, or take a pump in a pot in the drugstore. Also remember your skin changes in colour and texture throughout the year, so try not to bulk buy as you never know when you might want something new.


Just as important as finding a foundation for you is applying it. Many foundations, especially mousses are great with fingers and time taken with a liquid blending with fingers is just as good as using a brush. The only time a brush is needed is with a mineral powder, but if you're no good at self applying or don't have the time, I find brushes make bases a doddle. Real techniques would be my reccomendation as they're so high-quality and purse friendly. Unless you want to try a set go for the Expert Face Brush (middle) as it quickly buffs the foundation in in circular motions leaving a falwless finish. If I'm going out on a night or want more coverage I tend to reach for my stippling brush (bottom) which has more of a flat top and is used to sort of press foundation onto the skin rather than rub it in - blend with fingers if neccessary. I've recently heard there are great dupes of these on ebay so if you don't want to spend the money (especially if you forked out for a brill foundation) they're a great alternative.

Finally I have one reccomendation for any foundation-virgins out there or someone who finds application a real nightmare - Maybelline The Eraser. I can't comment on it's anti aging properties, but its sponge end makes it super easy to use, simply twist once, wipe sponge end all over face and then blend in with fingers in those hard to reach bits and down the neck. It's medium coverage and buildable to higher if you want it, and has that glowy finish. It's certainly not the only foundation good for beginners but one I've found really easy, I often throw it in my handbag as theres no need for time or a brush to reapply.

And that's it. I know that was long so well done for getting through it, and I hope I gave you some useful tips. The best advice I can give, although maybe a bit annoying, is that foundation really is a personal thing and trying and trying is the best way to find what's right for you. I've been hunting for my all time favourite for years now and still looking, but as you can see I've found quite a few gems along the way. I haven't covered everything here so if you have any questions or thoughts, or have tried any of the above products please don't hesitate to ask, I'd love to hear from you!

See you next week lovelies,
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  1. The Bourjois serum is amazing, and Real Techniques are brilliant. Lovely post :)


    1. Aw thankyou, I loveeeee real techniques and I'm quite the brush junkie!
      Charlotte xx

  2. Your rt brushes look so pretty and clean! I wish the core collection was pink!!! x

    1. Haha I'm a bit brush obsessive if they get messy or not in the right order I go a bit crazy! :)
      Thanks for the comment, I've heard some new rt brushes are coming out for Christmas!!

  3. Great post :-) Bourjois Healthy Mix is so popular! Xx


    1. Thanks, I know I never realised until tonight I was only recommended it by a friend :)
      Lovely post btw and thanks for commenting :)
      Charlotte xxx


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