Tuesday, 26 November 2013

#TheWinterProject Week 3: Favourite Winter Scents

So it's week three and this time its all about scents here at #thewinterproject. Now I already mentioned my favourite autumn/winter perfumes a while back, plus I'm a huge fruity perfume lover, so as far as winter perfumes go I'm not the best to ask, although I do have a few that remind me of the Christmassy (oops, I said it again) season! I also usually stick to my £1 Ikea Vanilla candles when I'm living on my own, poor student problems n'all that jazz, but when I'm home and the nights get dark I really do have some smells that just make me feel so darn cosy! Here's a few of my picks...

In terms of perfume, my all-time signature is Nina by Nina Ricci, and so although a fruity favourite, it has to go on the list. Next we have Lady Gaga's The Fame, which believe it or not I do love just for the smell, not for my Gaga obsession. Ahhh, so thats where gagaaboutbeauty came from....
The perfume which really smells like Christmas in a bottle for me however has to be Tommy Hilfiger's Tommy Girl. I think this was the first perfume I was ever given, and to me it just smells like that Christmas. Although I haven't bought it in yonks, its not a bad whiff really and could make a lovely teen present if you're on the look out. Also, if I was picking a specifically wintery scent, I think the grown-up dark smell of Thierry Mugler's Alien is just plain delicious.
Apart from perfume, candles are really the smell of winter for me. My Mum is a little candle-mad, you'll probably find every Yankee Candle or those cute ones in tins in every flavour in my house, but its the smell of Cinammon and more regularly Gingerbread that fills my house come Winter, and I LOVE IT! Especially when I haven't been home for a while, it just smells like wrapped-in-blanket-elf-on-tv-choccy-biscuits-in-hand-and-cheese-savouries-in-bowls-everywhere for me. If that could be a smell, that is.

As always, I'd love to hear what you think and what are your faves, leave your links, I'm always on the hunt for gorgeous new smells....
Lots of Love lovelies,

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

#TheWinterProject Week 2 : Winter Accessories!

Christmas is getting closer my lovely bbloggers!!! I know some people think it's too early but I just couldn't resist! This week's #TheWinterProject theme is Winter Accessories! Now this one's a pretty broad theme, but I've decided to go all fashion on you ass's because I realised although I buy almost as much clothes as I do lipsticks, I rarely talk fashion and should do more fashion posts for you guys! 

Now, living in Leeds, the first thing that comes to mind when I think Winter (or any season for that matter) is RAIN! How does it rain so much here? I just don't understand. Anyways, it rains almost every day I'm sure and so a Mac is an essential. As a lover of all thing leopard, this Debenhams beauty * I thinks it's by Red Herring* was a must for me and has been seeing me through many a blustery walk lately!
Secondly, as it gets cold, my ears freeze up like crazy! I only wish they did these fluffy headbands for noses too. I also have leopard earmuffs, but as I bought a printed coat I didn't think I could really rock leopard ears with it. This fluffy number is from Miss Selfridge, although you can get them way cheaper if you look around...

It only makes sense that if it rains so much, I'm going to need wellies. Also, for some uncontrollable urge of mine, I like to buy more wellies all the time and they are the only flat boots I own. The Hunters are my faves and were a birthday treat last year, but the others are much more purse friendly. The burgundy pair are from George @ Asda, grab some quick!, and I picked up these leopard cuties just three days ago in Dorothy Perkins! I only have short wellies like these as I think you can get away with them every day. Plus, when you see everyone dodging puddles you can just storm right through like you're the queen or something (sad but wierdly satisfying, huh).

Lastly, a winter accessories post this season wouldn't be right without a spot of tartan, would it? I really hate giving in to trends, but as a big big tartan lover I couldn't resist this time. The crop top on the left is from Topshop, and while I paid £18 for this online it says £24 on the label, so shop online ladies if you like this! How cheeky of them! The dress on the right is a Dorothy Perkins number, and I fell for it straight away as I thought it was a bit different with its blue and yellowy colours, plus it's more subtle if that's what you fancy.

I could go on forever with all my winter essentials and recent purchases, but its 6 o'clock, you probably want your tea and also need to read all the other #thewinterproject posts! If you have one, link me it below, or please comment or tweet me letting me know what you think, I love to hear from you!
Have a lovely week bbloggers and bblogreaders, 
Love you lots,

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

#TheWinterProject Week One: Winter Nails!

Weekly Tuesday posts are back! This time around its Kellie's #TheWinterProject which is set to get us all excited about Christmas! Same routine as #thesoproject, 6pm, every tuesday, be there or be square, but this time the topics will be all about our different winter faves! This week it's nail polishes. Now I've already done posts or nodded to some of my autumn/winter favourites and I didn't want to be a broken record on y'all, so I've picked some more. Which was still tricky to decide on...

For no deliberate reason these babies are all from the fabulous Topshop make-up range. I just picked some gorgeous shades which I think are perfect for Christmas time and they all turned out to be from one brand!
I went for two pearly greens for two reasons : I wear red all year round so I don't see it as Christmassy as green, and also they have a gorgeous pearly sheen which I don't think you can rock so well in the sunnier months!
Next of course it had to be sparkle, and for me the best place to get sparkle is the Topshop counter. I have pretty much every single glitter, but these are my two most loved and can create two different looks. I loved them just over a white polish or over the green ones also shown best, but they can go over pretty much anything and look amazing!

 (L-R) Hidden Treasure- golden pearly green, Poison Ivy- dark less pearly forest green, Brazil- very colourful glitter very similar to Models Own Hedkandi (another love), and finally Unknown but still on the shelves - a gorgeous white shimmer with big glitter chunks.

These beauties are between £5-6 depending on which colour you pick up and while that's on the pricier side of drugstore I think they are well worth it as you'll wear them right through the party season!

I hope you liked the first #thewinterproject post, please leave comments, questions and links to your favourite winter nails below.....

Lot of love,

Saturday, 2 November 2013

My Halloween Look : Beetlejuice!

Yes BEETLEJUICE! Not Cruella DeVille, not Micheal Jackson (don't understand where that suggestion even came from!), Beetlejuice! Anyways, I loved the look and I love doing something a bit different on halloween, going out as a zombie last year with a million other zombies inspired me go a bit more out there this year, and seen as I had these stripey dress already I though it would be perrrrfecto!

Heres how I got the look- I applied a powder highlighter (any white one will be fine, or very white face powder) all over my face first to make myself pale. Also note, don't do a stupid me and fake tan the morning before creating a look like this, you'll just make things a lot harder!
Then I took my Real Techniques Stippling Brush and contoured face extremely with Bourjois Black Eyeshadow, blending it out with a big powder brush.
I also rubbed a bit of eyeshadow into my forehead wrinkles to create that Beetlejuicy face. 
For the eyes I smudged a lorra lorra black eyeliner (I used Urban Decay but it's not essential) right around the eyes and onto both waterline, and then applied a lot of Purple Eyeshadow in a big circle around the eyes, right up to the eyebrow and blended out in the whole eye-circle/bag area. After this I applied the black eyeshadow closer to the eye to darken it up even more.
Finally I used a Bourjois White Eyeshadow along the top of my cheekbones, a little on the forehead and down the nose to make myself very sparkly, shimmery and white, and also to create those killer cheekbones which I must admit are not my own, I wish!

Although I went for Beetlejuice I think this look could work for a lot of different fancy dress ideas, especially if you try it with different colours! I loveeeee fancy dress, bring on the next one!....

Lot of love,

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