Saturday, 7 September 2013

#supergorgeoussept day 7: follow a tutorial - hair mask

When I started supergorgeousseptember the guide said you could interpret each days theme however you wanted, and today I've gone pretty outside the box with a hair mask tutorial. I'm no stranger to a good hair mask, I like to slap one on at least once a week during the shower or for a few hours if I can. But a while back whilst scrolling pinterest I stumbled across a tutorial on how to get the most out of your hair mask, so when this theme popped up and everyone was doing hair and makeup I thought I'd go for something a little different. Plus, a little pampering for me, woop! Here's how I did it : 

Step one: apply hair mask onto wet hair as per usual (I've added argan oil too for an extra boost and I'm still trialing Philip Kingsley elasticiser so I added that too for some extra intensity). My favourite hair mask of the moment is the bee strong one by herbal essences. 
Step two: wrap your hair in cling film. I know, sounds wierd, it was wierd. Plus clings film is so tangly and annoying but if it works, I'm up for the struggle!
Step three: heat up the hair with your hair dryer on a low heat for around 5 minutes until warmed thoroughly. Okay, so now I felt really wierd, it was as if I was following a recipe or something. It still felt a bit pampering though. 
Step four: keep on for as long as possible! The heat allows the mask to really penetrate your hair and do good so maybe next time I do this ill sit near a radiator or use a hot towel, hmm. 
Step five: rinse off just like a hair mask or conditioner and style as normal. 

I must say my hair is feeling amazing! Although my normal mask routine works wonders, I really liked this techniques, my hair feels even softer and shinier! While this might not have been as easy as keeping it on while I'm washing shaving scrubbing etc but for a lazy Saturday night treat and once in a while intensive treatment which ill do again for sure! 
If you've tried an intensive home treatment like this or have another method please let me know! 

Lots of love, 

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