Saturday, 31 August 2013

Bourjois Colour Boosts!

Now I know you're thinking you might just maybe have seen these before somewhere, and yep, I know, they've been all over the blogosphere lately, but I thought I'd share with you my opinion because for one it's a little different, and two, I personally need about five gazillion good reviews of a hyped up product before I actually give in and buy it.
 First of all lets talk colour. I picked up the much raved about 'peach on the beach' and also what I thought was 'fushia libre' but is in fact 'red sunrise' (I only just realised this). As you've probably guessed (or read) peach on the beach is a peachy pink but unlike everyone else I am just not loving this one. Maybe I just don't suit a peachy pink, maybe it's just this shade I don't know, but while almost every post I've seen has called this a shade that will suit everyone, I'm here to tell you that it didn't suit me. A bit of a dissapointment there. However, the lovely pinky toned red of 'red sunrise' is a perfect colour! If your'e looking for a more wearable everyday red shade the pink tone and super glossiness of this shade makes it a must have!
(l-r, 'peach on the beach', 'red sunrise')

Ah, the glossiness! These colour boosts are amazing for super-glossy colour, mostly due to all the super hydrating ingredients in there- no dried out lips here! What impressed me most was the staying power. I didn't expect the colour boost to stay put that long to be honest, but apart from the gloss dying down after an hour or so, the colour was left behind similar to a stain, and I managed a whole day moving house and shopping, eating a sandwich and two drinks and the colour stuck! Yes it faded slightly and the gloss effect wasn't so impressive, but there was no embarrassing outline around my lips for the whole 10 or so hours I wore this! Impressive eh.
Here's a picture of me wearing 'red sunrise' (flash on and off but no filters, promise!). 

These babies cost £7.99 and are currently on offer in Boots (3 for 2) or Superdrug (Buy one get one half price) and there will be autumn shades to pick up soon I've heard. I'll definitely be picking up the other two shades soon!
Lots of Love,


  1. These do sound quite good and the red looks lovely on you! I'm just not sure about ANOTHER lip crayon, I think I'll stick to my Revlon Lip Butters myself! xx

    1. Aw thankyou, I love the red much more! True if you already have lots of lip crayons these aren't a must, the staying power is all that makes them stand out for me! I like the butters although I only have one which I didn't love he shade enough to wear all the time but the maxfactor ones are really nice even though they never get a mention! Think ill have to review mine!
      Lovely to hear from you, follow my blog to see more :)
      Charlotte xxxx

  2. Oh wow, I have saw these everywhere but have never really bothered with them if you know what I mean. I'm just not a massive lover of this type of product, but Red Sunrise looks absolutely gorgeous! So glossy and pigmented!

    Hannah x

    1. Me too they aren't my favourite type of product as I love a matte lip, that's why I was so slow on the colour boost bandwagon but I love a red lip so I tried it and loved it! I'm still not sold on the nude but I love this type of product now knowing about the colour payoff and staying power! :)
      Thanks for the comment, follow for more posts :) xxx


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