Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Lustlist #5 - The Post-Christmas Edit

Theres quite a lot on here so lets get down to the nitty gritty...

1. Macadamia Oil Moisturising Rinse- After smelling the range I've been dying to get my hands on some, and I'd love the Moisturising Rinse in particular as it sounds so intriguing! Plus, you can get most of the products in mini sixe for under a fiver, perfect for trying out!

2. Aldo knitted headbands - I've picked these up and put them back so many times now, I can't decide which colour I like. I think the burgundy is good for adding a pop of colour to a simple outfit, but the cream will go with everything.

3. Urban Decay Lipliner- I love the lipsticks, so a liner was naturally going to be needed at some point. I aren't fussy on a particular colour, mainly because I want them all, although I havent got any pinks in my collection, and the clear one makes a perfect primer...

4. Warehouse Leopard Scarf - Another leopard item, what a surprise! But a bit different I think, and something I would love to add to my ever growing collection especially as it's in the sale now.

5. Topshop Grey Tshirt- I'm a sucker for a loose grey t-shirt, and I love the neckline on this. They come in a few colours, and I'm feeling a purchase oh-so-soon!

6. Chrome Tangle Teezer- I'm so on the fence about tangle-teezers, it really is just a brush, and my regular brush works fine! However, my inner bblogger needs to have one, and a gold or silver is right up my street...

7. Whistles Medium Pouch -Finally, a bit more lusty of the lust list, and not something likely to come my way soon. Although, I'm waiting on an offer or sale in January and I might just pick up one these babies!

Happy Lusting Lovelies,

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

The Winter Project Last Post! Christmas Makeup and OOTD!

So I was a little bit naughty last week and didn't blog on time because I was busy moving between homes, having trips to hospital, working and revising all while fitting in doing my last minute Christmas shopping! I was going to post a day or two late, but seen as this week's theme was outfit of the day and last weeks was makeup, I thought I'd just do it all in one!

First of all makeup (pictured above). A look I always go for at Christmas, hence the Christmas Ball at which I did not, I repeat did not, get very very drunk and feel the most ill I have in a long long while afterwards oops. I always go for golden sparkly eyes and dark red lips. There's loads of products you could use for this look, but here I used a 17 golden eyeshadow pencil and glitter eyeliner all over the lid, with heavy brown eyeliner and lots of mascara! Then I chose Mac Viva Glam 1 on the lips as it's my go-to shade at the moment. I really loved this look, especially how it came out on the pictures and I'll be recreating this tomorrow...
I also really love a red nail for Christmas so I'll be testing out my new Bourjois shade too...

Next up is my OOTD, which today is my super-sexy Co-op uniform and for a nice Christmassy change I pulled out this orange/red cropped jumper from H&M. Excuse the only picture of me I took in it, I was enjoying my break and sandwich far too much clearly...
I think I might be wearing this tomorrow too, although I don't know what to pair it with yet so please shout out some ideas at me! Failing any inspiration I'll probably wear anything I get tomorrow if any clothes happen to come my way!

Apologies for the pictures as it's been dark outside for days and I just can't get any good snaps! As always, please link your posts below, leave comments or questions or anything, and have a lovely lovely Christmas lovelies, I hope you get everything you wish for....

Happy Holidays!!

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The Winter Project Week 5: Christmas Accessory!

Just a little note this week as I am currently getting ready for the History Christmas Ball, wahoo! This week was a tricky one for me as the theme is sooo broad (which I love, because we get to read loads of different things), plus, all the pretty Christmas accessories beauty and fashion-wise are at home, and I'm not. But then I was thinking, what is the number one Christmas accessory I can't live without? Lists!

Yeah, yeah, I hear you say how boring, no beauty, but trust me, Christmas for me just doesnt function without lists! Lists of what to buy for people, who to buy for, what decorations to get, what parties and other events are going on, lists of presents for me to give to my mum and boyfriend to pick from, lists of everything! Plus, the best thing about lists? Buying a super-cute Christmas note-pad to put them all in! We all know a beauty bloggers second love is stationery, and I am no different!

Even if I am never, ever, organised in life, my lists can make me look like I am right?
See you next week for more beautiful beauty posts lovelies....

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The Winter Project Week 4 : Christmas Gift Ideas!

Hello lovelies, and welcome to December wahooo! As you might have guessed, I'm a big big christmas 's alover, and now it's December I can officially go Chrimbo-crazy! Here's a few gift ideas of different prices and people, in case you're stuck for inspiration or just looking for a little gift or two for yourself (don't worry, I don't judge)!

Girls :
This necklace from ASOS would make a lovely secret santa or stocking filler, they do tonnes of different designs for under a tenner so I'm sure you could find one to suit your giftee. I personally love this love one, but theres quite a few I'd like to add to my stash.
A little higher on the price range is SOAP & GLORY, a personal favourite brand of mine and something I recieve in bulk every Christmas! There's lots of sets in different prices, the mini one shown below is around £10 but they go up to £60, although you can also create a really good personal gift for around £15 from the single items as they're usually on 3 for 2! Most smells have a shower gel, body scrub and body lotion/butter, which makes a fab trio!
If it's clothes you're looking for, I love scarves as presents, they always fit, they go with lots, and they get used a LOT this time of year. The one pictured is a super snuggly TOPSHOP snood which comes in lots of colours and depending on colours/patterns they usually go for around the £16-18 mark.
Finally, if you're looking for a big present for that lovely lady I think BENEFIT sets are a real treat! Again there's a few to choose from depending on what products the giftee loves, and the sets go for between £20 and £45 so you can find something to meet your budget!

Why are males so much harder to buy for than females?
Anyway, I've come up with a few ideas (without giving away any hints to the boyfriend)-
This POLICE aftershave (I think this picture might actually be the female version) is on offer at the moment in Boots and other perfume retailers for around £15 and I really love the smell too!
Another cheap-ish present could be a t-shirt. For a bargainous but great quality tee I always look to JACK AND JONES, I've bought these before for under £10, especially from ASOS who usually do great deals. They do nice boxer sets and socks too!
Finally, for something a little more expensive and a little more beauty-fied, look no further than KIEHLS for men. I love this stuff, which again comes single or in a range of sets to suit different budgets! It's no nivea price, but if you want to get your man into skincare or treat him to something a little luxurious this, or ORIGINS for men, would be a great place to start!

I hope this has given you some ideas lovelies, as always please comment and I look forward to reading everyone else's posts to get some inspiration myself!

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

#TheWinterProject Week 3: Favourite Winter Scents

So it's week three and this time its all about scents here at #thewinterproject. Now I already mentioned my favourite autumn/winter perfumes a while back, plus I'm a huge fruity perfume lover, so as far as winter perfumes go I'm not the best to ask, although I do have a few that remind me of the Christmassy (oops, I said it again) season! I also usually stick to my £1 Ikea Vanilla candles when I'm living on my own, poor student problems n'all that jazz, but when I'm home and the nights get dark I really do have some smells that just make me feel so darn cosy! Here's a few of my picks...

In terms of perfume, my all-time signature is Nina by Nina Ricci, and so although a fruity favourite, it has to go on the list. Next we have Lady Gaga's The Fame, which believe it or not I do love just for the smell, not for my Gaga obsession. Ahhh, so thats where gagaaboutbeauty came from....
The perfume which really smells like Christmas in a bottle for me however has to be Tommy Hilfiger's Tommy Girl. I think this was the first perfume I was ever given, and to me it just smells like that Christmas. Although I haven't bought it in yonks, its not a bad whiff really and could make a lovely teen present if you're on the look out. Also, if I was picking a specifically wintery scent, I think the grown-up dark smell of Thierry Mugler's Alien is just plain delicious.
Apart from perfume, candles are really the smell of winter for me. My Mum is a little candle-mad, you'll probably find every Yankee Candle or those cute ones in tins in every flavour in my house, but its the smell of Cinammon and more regularly Gingerbread that fills my house come Winter, and I LOVE IT! Especially when I haven't been home for a while, it just smells like wrapped-in-blanket-elf-on-tv-choccy-biscuits-in-hand-and-cheese-savouries-in-bowls-everywhere for me. If that could be a smell, that is.

As always, I'd love to hear what you think and what are your faves, leave your links, I'm always on the hunt for gorgeous new smells....
Lots of Love lovelies,

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

#TheWinterProject Week 2 : Winter Accessories!

Christmas is getting closer my lovely bbloggers!!! I know some people think it's too early but I just couldn't resist! This week's #TheWinterProject theme is Winter Accessories! Now this one's a pretty broad theme, but I've decided to go all fashion on you ass's because I realised although I buy almost as much clothes as I do lipsticks, I rarely talk fashion and should do more fashion posts for you guys! 

Now, living in Leeds, the first thing that comes to mind when I think Winter (or any season for that matter) is RAIN! How does it rain so much here? I just don't understand. Anyways, it rains almost every day I'm sure and so a Mac is an essential. As a lover of all thing leopard, this Debenhams beauty * I thinks it's by Red Herring* was a must for me and has been seeing me through many a blustery walk lately!
Secondly, as it gets cold, my ears freeze up like crazy! I only wish they did these fluffy headbands for noses too. I also have leopard earmuffs, but as I bought a printed coat I didn't think I could really rock leopard ears with it. This fluffy number is from Miss Selfridge, although you can get them way cheaper if you look around...

It only makes sense that if it rains so much, I'm going to need wellies. Also, for some uncontrollable urge of mine, I like to buy more wellies all the time and they are the only flat boots I own. The Hunters are my faves and were a birthday treat last year, but the others are much more purse friendly. The burgundy pair are from George @ Asda, grab some quick!, and I picked up these leopard cuties just three days ago in Dorothy Perkins! I only have short wellies like these as I think you can get away with them every day. Plus, when you see everyone dodging puddles you can just storm right through like you're the queen or something (sad but wierdly satisfying, huh).

Lastly, a winter accessories post this season wouldn't be right without a spot of tartan, would it? I really hate giving in to trends, but as a big big tartan lover I couldn't resist this time. The crop top on the left is from Topshop, and while I paid £18 for this online it says £24 on the label, so shop online ladies if you like this! How cheeky of them! The dress on the right is a Dorothy Perkins number, and I fell for it straight away as I thought it was a bit different with its blue and yellowy colours, plus it's more subtle if that's what you fancy.

I could go on forever with all my winter essentials and recent purchases, but its 6 o'clock, you probably want your tea and also need to read all the other #thewinterproject posts! If you have one, link me it below, or please comment or tweet me letting me know what you think, I love to hear from you!
Have a lovely week bbloggers and bblogreaders, 
Love you lots,

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

#TheWinterProject Week One: Winter Nails!

Weekly Tuesday posts are back! This time around its Kellie's #TheWinterProject which is set to get us all excited about Christmas! Same routine as #thesoproject, 6pm, every tuesday, be there or be square, but this time the topics will be all about our different winter faves! This week it's nail polishes. Now I've already done posts or nodded to some of my autumn/winter favourites and I didn't want to be a broken record on y'all, so I've picked some more. Which was still tricky to decide on...

For no deliberate reason these babies are all from the fabulous Topshop make-up range. I just picked some gorgeous shades which I think are perfect for Christmas time and they all turned out to be from one brand!
I went for two pearly greens for two reasons : I wear red all year round so I don't see it as Christmassy as green, and also they have a gorgeous pearly sheen which I don't think you can rock so well in the sunnier months!
Next of course it had to be sparkle, and for me the best place to get sparkle is the Topshop counter. I have pretty much every single glitter, but these are my two most loved and can create two different looks. I loved them just over a white polish or over the green ones also shown best, but they can go over pretty much anything and look amazing!

 (L-R) Hidden Treasure- golden pearly green, Poison Ivy- dark less pearly forest green, Brazil- very colourful glitter very similar to Models Own Hedkandi (another love), and finally Unknown but still on the shelves - a gorgeous white shimmer with big glitter chunks.

These beauties are between £5-6 depending on which colour you pick up and while that's on the pricier side of drugstore I think they are well worth it as you'll wear them right through the party season!

I hope you liked the first #thewinterproject post, please leave comments, questions and links to your favourite winter nails below.....

Lot of love,

Saturday, 2 November 2013

My Halloween Look : Beetlejuice!

Yes BEETLEJUICE! Not Cruella DeVille, not Micheal Jackson (don't understand where that suggestion even came from!), Beetlejuice! Anyways, I loved the look and I love doing something a bit different on halloween, going out as a zombie last year with a million other zombies inspired me go a bit more out there this year, and seen as I had these stripey dress already I though it would be perrrrfecto!

Heres how I got the look- I applied a powder highlighter (any white one will be fine, or very white face powder) all over my face first to make myself pale. Also note, don't do a stupid me and fake tan the morning before creating a look like this, you'll just make things a lot harder!
Then I took my Real Techniques Stippling Brush and contoured face extremely with Bourjois Black Eyeshadow, blending it out with a big powder brush.
I also rubbed a bit of eyeshadow into my forehead wrinkles to create that Beetlejuicy face. 
For the eyes I smudged a lorra lorra black eyeliner (I used Urban Decay but it's not essential) right around the eyes and onto both waterline, and then applied a lot of Purple Eyeshadow in a big circle around the eyes, right up to the eyebrow and blended out in the whole eye-circle/bag area. After this I applied the black eyeshadow closer to the eye to darken it up even more.
Finally I used a Bourjois White Eyeshadow along the top of my cheekbones, a little on the forehead and down the nose to make myself very sparkly, shimmery and white, and also to create those killer cheekbones which I must admit are not my own, I wish!

Although I went for Beetlejuice I think this look could work for a lot of different fancy dress ideas, especially if you try it with different colours! I loveeeee fancy dress, bring on the next one!....

Lot of love,

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The Starting Off Project Week 10 : Tools

I can't quite believe it's already the end of #thesoproject, I've got to admit that I'm pretty sad about it to be honest. I've loved writing about my own little tips and tricks, especially as I didn't realise what they were until I had a good think about them! I've got to say a massive massive thanks to Steph from Stephs Inside Voice for organising the whole thing too, she's been amazing and so organised, I do not know how she does it! When I started the starting off project I'd only been blogging for a few weeks and was still feeling really overwhelmed, but through the project I've really felt a part of the blogging world. Plus, knowing what to blog about at least once a week with my recent hectic uni life is really nice!

Anyway, on to the informationy-type bit....

When I started to think about tools this week I realised I'm a big brush-a-holic, I have bought so many and justified them for all sorts of reasons it's a bit insane! I did manage to narrow my essential beauty tools down though, as I realised that really, you dont NEED that many. Here's my top 5....

Blush/Bronzer Brush- Because c'mon, you aren't gonna attempt that with your fingers are you?
A flat eyshadow brush- For packing on the colour onto the lid, any flat dense brush will help you get the most out of any shadow and up the pigmentation.
A blendy brush- This one's Mac, but certainly doesn't need to be. Essential for blurring edges of eyeshadow without adding more colour and making sultry smokey eyes!
Tweezers- Even the bushiest brows need a little tweaking and tidying every now and again.
Eyelash Curlers- Not strictly essential, but even the cheapest pair makes such a difference. A nice curl and any cheap mascara can look amazing!

Also I want to give a little nod to a buffing brush for foundation, although I didn't want to include it as I have waffled about it sooooo many times, and also, foundation with your fingers can be fab too! If you really wanted to narrow tools down to the bare necessities, you could get away with only a bronzer brush and blendy eye brush, applying shadows with your finger, and leave your eyelashes and brows to do their own thing. However, if you are looking to dabble in tools for the first time, but don't fancy taking out a loan to buy the entire mac collection, any good quality (and note non branded) brushes and tools will do a great job!I think these five products would be a great place to start. And, at the risk of sounding like the blogging world's broken record here, a special mention to the purse-friendly-luxury-quality Real Techniques must be made.

Lots of love lovelies, and I hope you've liked this and all my #thesoproject posts! I'll be sad to see them go....

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Lustlist #4

I don't know what it is about uni, but the more I work and get stressed out, the bigger my urge to shop! Spending money is the way I relax, ahhh I just love it! I've started to think about Christmas as people have started asking what I want, here's a few ideas I've been having whilst researching my essays internet shopping....

A tartan scarf- I'm on the shelf on this one after seeing so many people wearing them. To buy or not to buy.
Purple short Hunter wellies- I love these! I live in my short black ones in winter and it's about time I added a big of colour to my shoe wardrobe.
YSL Mascara- A few of the house girls use this and say its amazing... but it's not the cheapest and I'm really picky about mascaras, it's such a personal thing.
Stila All Day Liquid Lipstick- The amount of times I've swatched these then put them down is insane. I just can't decide what colour to pick, plus I'm waiting on the new Topshop Velvet Lips too. Buying at least 5 when I finally crack is inevitable though.
Vivienne Westwood Earrings- These are top of my christmas list. Please, Santa, pleaseeeeeeeee.
Marc Jacobs Natasha Bag- Gorgeous. Do I need to say more?

Happy Lusting lovelies,

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The Starting Off Project Week 9 : Lips!

Ah lips. Lipgloss and lipsticks are probably something that beginners or stick-to-what-you-know-ers fear most. I have so many friends who say I'd love to wear a bright lipstick like you but can't, and I'm here to say yes you can!
If you're scared of colour, build up gradually or try lip tints for a less dramatic look, and if you're worried about being messy, practice makes perfect! And also, a lip tint or gloss applies much easier than stick. When buying a lip product, things can get a bit confusing as there are so many products on the market, so this week I thought #thesoproject could do to explain these types to you guys as best I can! Here goes...

The Balm-
Not really a lipstick or gloss as such, but essential for dry lips. Use these overnight or to give a subtle glossy look, just don't use too much or you'll end up with drier lips than you started with! Plus, they give a nice base if applied sparingly underneath dry lipsticks.

The Lipstick- 
This is the obvious one, and I know I sound like an old record here but the best thing to do is try! Don't be afraid to ask to try them on in store and then say no, and don't be scared of bright colours, a red lip is classic and gorgeous. If you're worried about messiness, use a lipliner first, and practice that steady hand!

Not something I'm a huge fan of, not because of the look but because my hair always manages to get stuck in it. However, if it's not windy or I'm rocking an up-do, a little glossy with a sultry eye can look amazing but understated.

Coloured Gloss-
A gloss I do love however which is not sticky is Rimmel Apocalip's , more like a lipstick in colour and gloss in texture, picking up one of these adds a little versatility to your makeup bag.

Lip tint stick-
What can I say about the popularity of these, they are everywhere! No matter what brand you buy, these are probably the easiest way to add colour to lips without fearing it'll all go wrong. They add a subtle hint of colour that can be built up to super-strong colour with layering, add there's so many types out there now there'll be a colour for you whether you're a bold gal or a more neutral lady!

Lip Pens- 
Feel like permanent markers, apply like permanent lipstick, I love these things! Have the finish of a matte tint usually, and are super easy for the less delicate handed of us! I'd really recommend trying these if you haven't already!

Lip Crayon-
Also an easier variation of lipstick as they're so much easier to get where you want them and achieve a good lip shape, plus if you're looking for the best matte's pencils are usually where you'll find them.

And breathe! I hope you got all that, I tried to keep it as short as possible as there's so many lip products out there! If you're new to lip products go for tints and balms first then work your way up into trickier products, and just remember ANYONE can go bold!
Lot of love,

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Nail Inc New Gel Effect Nails!

(Left- One Coat, Right- Two Coats, No top coat on either!)

Last week I was browsing the nails inc stand (again!) at debenhams when the lovely assistant asked if I would like to try one of the new Gel Effect nail polishes. Of course I said yes, and was very pleasantly surprised when she painted all of my nails for me (this usually costs around £17 I think!). I first chose the Porchester Square shade, which is a lovely grey-ish nude and a cult classic in its natural form, but was eyeing up lots of shades while I was sat there and ended up with this gorgeous wine shade (called Kensington High Street) on my ring fingers as an accent. I've got to say I don't often purchase Nails Inc because I find them so easy to chip for the price, but I still buy one once in a while because I love the colours and effects, especially if they are on offer. Plus, I rarely wear the same nail colour for more than two days so chipping isn't a major problem. However, I haven't had this problem with these Gel Effects. I kept my newly painted nails the same colour for five days with these and saw no difference in the quality, before I gave in to temptation and went for a new shade. 

Onto to colour- you can see how pigmented this one is the photo's above, even after one coat it's wearable but you don't quite get the full deep colour and shiny finish. I must stress that I DID NOT use a topcoat in these pictures- that's just how glossy they are and I love it! It doesn't come across on camera as well but I found that these really did look like a gel manicure, and to add proof a couple of people at work thought I had had shellac nails on! As much as I love Barry M Gelly Nail Polishes, you can't beat Nails Inc at nail effects and these do put the Barry M offerings to shame slightly (that doesn't mean I don't still love you though Barry). 

At £14, they aren't cheap, so I only picked the wine shade as I have lots of nudes and vowed not to buy another berry colour this autumn (pfft that might happen). I'm really lusting after Porchester Square now but I'm sure I have it somewhere in its regular finish. However, they do sell these on a range of websites, so shop around and look out for offers, especially Beauty Bay which is fab for Nails Inc offers!

If you're a fan of the gel manicure but can't keep forking out for one, these could be your answer, especially if you're a one shade kinda girl!

Lots of Love Beauties,

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The Starting Off Project Week 8: Eyeshadow

Ooooh it's eyeshadow week. This is one I've been looking forward to for agessss, but now I've come to it, I'm actually  not too sure what to write. I've been playing around and experimenting with eyeshadow for years, and unlike products for the complexion I think eyeshadow is a part of makeup that is really personal to you - you know what you like and what suits you after a while. So many times has someone else done my eyes and had me running for a makeup wipe! So really my biggest tip is try, but here's also a few more tips and tricks I can share from my own relationship with eyeshadow....

There are two types (I couldn't think of any more) - cream (above), and powder (below). Creams really aren't as daunting as they look, and for beginners I think they're actually quite fab, just a little on your finger blended into the lid can be a very simple way of working eyes into your makeup routine. Secondly good ol' powder- better for creating more complex smoky eyes if you're feeling daring. Although I'm no argueee of the 'high end is better than drugstore' debate, I sit firmly on the side of the drugstore, be careful when buying cheap powders and always swatch first! If the pigmentation is rubbish, I would tend to stay away, as no matter how gifted you are with that blendy brush it ain't gonna look great. For cheap and really good quality colours, and a wide wide range, look towards Bourjois -their little pots have never let me down!

I would also say stick neutral! Although I like to pop out a blue or purple eye once in a blue moon, stick with nice neutrals like the ones in the pictures to make this easy for yourself. Unless you're a makeup fiend like me there's no need to purchase a naked palette (or all three, oops), but a nice matte light beigey shade for the lid area and a brown one for the crease and you have all you need for a range of looks, pick up a black and youve get everything to create a sultry, sexy, smokey look.

In terms of brushes, there's really only two you need, and although I love my Mac 217, a flat brush like this green forever 21 one (right) and a big fluffy blender like this Real Techniques one (left) will be absolutely fine! I still reach for these almost daily even alongside my more expensive ones. On the topic of blending, here is perhaps the most important tip - BLEND! Never leave a line around the end and never colour right up to eyebrows (I'm saying never as I never could although you might suit this look, I really don't), just make sure to blend it all in so you don't end up feeling like a clown!

And just experiment beauties! My eye looks change all the time!
Lots of Love,

Friday, 11 October 2013

Testing, testing.... Having your eyebrows waxed by the Benebabes...

So yesterday I went for my eyebrows waxed by the lovely girls at Benefit in Boots Leeds Trinity. I don't usually pay for treatments like this (eg. eyebrows, tanning, nails etc.) but after being convinced to buy a couple of the very few items I don't have from the range I was gifted a free brow wax! First of all the lady serving me (I can't remember her name or even if she told me it actually), sat me down and 'mapped' my brows which basically meant she showed me with a stick what she would do, although I must say she said mine were in pretty good shape (proud moment, woo!). Next she heated up a pot of wax and applied it around my eyebrows before pulling off, ouch! Boy did it hurt, especially underneath the brow so close to my eyelid. It only hurt for a second, but afterwards I felt like my eyebrows were absolutely huge, and they were very, very, very red! I had refused a tint which they tried to sell me as I'd already spent a considerable amount on products and I usually do it myself with one of those eyelure boxes. Also, you have to sign a release form saying you can't sue Benefit if something goes wrong, which is slightly worrying, but don't worry, nothing went wrong with me.

The results are fab! Once the redness had died down you could really see the shape of them being much more defined - no pesky small hairs or random ones shooting off in different directions. And still thick-ish lovely brows, yay! Apologies for no before and after photos, I completely forgot, but just have a nosy at my brows on instagram to see the results...
I must say if I was to have my brows waxed again, I'd probably go to one of the other Benefit services in Leeds as with it being in Boots (a drugstore), it just wasn't the calm and luxury experience I wanted it to be, with hundreds of shoppers weaving in and out past us all the time. Plus, it would be a bit steep if it wasn't free, another thing to keep in mind. Maybe I'll take waxing up occasionally, but I certainly couldn't afford a wax and tint for £18.00 every 4 weeks as was suggested!

All in all, I'd really recommend eyebrow waxing (or any other facial waxing) as the results are fab and I didn't think I had enough brows to wax! You could try Benefit, or if you try another service, particularly in Leeds, please do let me know! Here's a pic of the price list in case you were wondering, as it doesn't seem available online, but just be warned I don't know if this list is Benefit-wide or just for the Leeds store.

Have a fab weekend beauties,

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The Starting Off Project Week 7: Eyeliner!

Good evening beauties, hope you've all had a great start to the week! This week on #thesoproject, we're talking eyeliner, and for this one I thought I'd give a little run-down of the different types of eyeliner and how to use them as unless you are an avid eyeliner lover like me, you've probably got one type that you stick to. Lets begin!...

The Liquid
Liquid eyeliner I always think is something people love, but have difficulty using as it can get pretty messy! Instead of the traditional ones with a pen you dip into a pot, I go for the pen varieties (such as this Soap and Glory one) as I find them much easier to work with. Liquid eyeliner should be used to create defined lines such as a feline flick or just a simple upper lash lining. Dotted in between lashes subtly can create a very natural but full eyelash look too. This one shouldn't really be used to try a create a smoky eye, although if you have achieved one with this let me know! Beginners I would definitely recommend you try a pen style liquid eyeliner, as it might not be as tricky as you would expect!

The Kohl
A classic and my personal favourite. The Kohl is the multi-tasker of the group. Use it in a similar way to the liquid to create defined lines or even go a bit adventurous (it is almost Halloween) but just keep it sharp to avoid smudginess. More importantly though, this baby will give you that smokey eye you've been dreaming of. A little smudged half way across the lower lashes is perfect for subtle day time glamour or can be really built up on the night for sultry, sexy, makeup. Mostly I stick to brown and black, although blues, khakis, greys and purples also look gorgeous without being too in-ya-face! Try these bargain Topshop ones at £4, or even just a 99p one from a beauty store works fab!

The Eyeshadow
Not what you expected? Well just like kohl a black eyeshadow can be perfect for a more sultry eye look. Used with a skinny brush like this one, or even your finger or a cotton bud, can really smoke up an eye look. This is especially useful if you want to experiment with colour, or be more subtle than drawing on a line of eyeliner. I like to use it on my upper lashes if I'm rocking a smoky eye as it blend into shadow better than eyeliner but still looks as dark! Any eyeshadow of your choice is fine, this one is by Bourjois.

The Gel
A relatively new addition to the eyeliner world, but one that I must say is not as scary as it may look. Performs similarly to the liquid eyeliner, but its more gelly forumla can be used to create dark dark dark smudginess too if you're quick. The thing I like best about gel is that once set, it will not budge! Used with an angled brush its super easy to create flicks too, trust me! There are lots out there on the market now, but one that I love and a lot of other blogger seem to is Maybelline's offering, which also comes with a handy brush!

That's my quick whos-who of eyeliners, so there's only one thing left to do lovelies.... get experimenting!
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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Mac Riri Woo At Last

Finally! At last I managed to get my hands on Mac's Riri Woo Lipstick before it sold out! I got up at crazy o'clock to get to Harvey Nichols before it opened and was the first there (but not the only makeup-mad people there I must say). The whole range looked absolutely gorgeous but now I'm a student again and have to spend my money on boring things like food, urgh, I could only afford one lipstick. Some people were just asking for the whole range! I was so jealous. But, I did manage to get my mitts on this stunning matte lipstick after all this time. The retro matte look is right up my street, so I'm instantly loving this!
There are still some left online, so if you're reading now, get onto Mac here right now!! My other reccomendation would be Talk that Talk which looks so nice too, and the eyeshadow pallettes! 

I'll let the pictures do most of the talking (although I apologise my dark uni room and a rainy day means the lighting was absolutely rubbish), but I must say after swatching and trying on the way home this retro matte is just as super-pigmented as regular mac lippies, plus has that gorgeous scent that I just love! And if this doesn't sell it to you, have you seen the packaging? Its lush!! 
As a retro matte I can imagine with longer wear this could be drying, but a little balm pre-application solves this without taking away the matte finish!

Get shopping ladies!

Lots of Love,

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