Monday, 9 September 2013

Review: OPI Matte Top Coat


I absolutely love a matte nail polish! Black was my first purchase (only a cheapy from ebay actually) and I fell in love with the matte effect instantly. Since then I've been buying matte finish nail polishes quite often, but they're not massive in the gel-mad market -don't get me wrong I love a good shiny finish too- and there was a lot of colours in my collection that I wanted to try in matte finishes.
That's when I stumbled across OPI Matte Top Coat. There are cheaper alternatives out there, but as a lover of the Matte 'Nail Envy' polish I knew this wouldn't disappoint. Plus I picked this up from my local Sally's for just £6! Who can say no to that?

Here it is featured over a Barry M Gelly polish in 'Passionfruit'. The middle swatch is the original, which is pretty glossy itself, so you can really see how much a difference the top coat makes. The left is with a regular shine topcoat, and the right obviously with the OPI Matte one over the top. It's difficult to capture the effect properly on camera, but I think I did an alright job - you can see the sort of effect you get. I love this look!

It's a nice twist on classic nails, and looks super chic on neutral tones - think greys, browns and blacks especially. And with winter on the horizon I think this will be a perfect look! You can also make subtle nail art designs  by using a nail art brush to paint matte patterns onto glossy nails (check out pinterest to see what I mean) and you get more bang for your buck too if you buy no more matte polishes- just buy a gloss and have two for the price of one!

What do you think of a Matte finish nail? Do you have any particular favourite matte looks?
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  1. I'm a gal who loves a glossy finish, gel manicures are my favorite. But every once in awhile I do a matte mani. My matte polish I use is Sinful colors. I usually only apply matte top coats to dark colors, like black or grey. I might have to try it over red. You make it look so nice!!

    1. Aw thankyou I think a matte bright is really good if you still want to use summer colours in autumn. I love a matte accent nail too so nice!
      I'd love a matte khaki shade if you know of any nice ones :)

      Thanks for commenting, lovely to hear from you :) xxx


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