Wednesday, 19 August 2015


When I was invited to try out new bar and restaurant Slate NQ last week, I jumped at the chance. I'm a big fan of its sister venues, Roxy Ballroom and Roxy Lanes, plus I love the new hot-spot area of Leeds, the Northern Quarter. It was the perfect excuse to pop to Leeds and catch up with one of my fave uni gals. 

The place itself was really cool- very on trend, but quite grown up feeling. Its perfect for drinks with the girls, causal meetings or just a nice place to chill during the day. It has a gorgeous rooftop terrace area and beer garden, something that is quite difficult to find in Leeds. The decor and layout was right up my street, and really fits in with the whole bar scene that's so popular right now. 

We started off with two gorgeous cocktails- probably the best I've ever had, and certainly different. I went for a 'Ginger Collins', which was soo refreshing with pear and ginger beer. I highly recommend! Jess opted for 'The Baroness', which was equally good. I love how they come in their own glasses too, which really complimented them.

Next the food... It was just delicious. We were really hungry so we went for a couple of starters/nibbles to begin with. The humous was to die for, and the fresh, warm pitta bread absolutely moreish. And for me, you can never go wrong with tomato garlic bread. Next we shared two pizzas, Slate's speciality. We chose the three cheese, and truffle salami pizzas, and they were so so good too. They were different to your regular run of the mill pizzas, and super yummy. I can't wait to go back and try some of their other flavours (top tip: they have a deal on pizzas every Tuesday).

After all the food and drink, we were truly stuffed, but managed to squeeze in thirty minutes of pool before we left. My pool skills are a huge embarrassment, but it was a great laugh. I think this would be a fab place to come for drinks, nibbles and a few games of pool, even if you are as bad as me and miss the balls more than you hit!

Overall, I had a great time at Slate NQ and would recommend it to everyone, whether you want a nice meal, drinks, or nibbles with friends. I'm already organising a girly night, and thinking of ordering more starters, and maybe trying one of their meat and cheese boards, as they sound delicious. Fingers crossed the sun will be shining and I can enjoy the sun terrace too. 

Let me know what you think of Slate NQ, or I would love some tips on other cool places to eat or drink in the area. Thanks again Slate!!

Monday, 22 September 2014


Mac Cranberry is pretty much a cult shade in the beauty blogging world, but not the easiest to wear. Although it is absolutely gorgeous swatched, its reddy tones can wash you out quite easily if you're pale or make your eyes look super tired. After trying out quite a few combinations here are my top tips on how to wear this autumnul shade and look as fabulous as it does!

Firstly, I never wear it alone. This is not a one-sweep shadow. I always use a taupe-y shade in the crease as a transition shade before I apply so that I aren't blending the red up to the high heavens. Here I used Mac Omega. I then apply Cranberry all over the lid and blend slightly with a 217 brush. I then take a smudgey brush to line the bottom lashes with it too. 
At this stage I still look like I've been rubbing my eyes for about an hour, so I line the upper lash line with a very, very, very thin line of liquid eyeliner and also use a brown/black kohl on the lower lashline and blend this into the Cranberry. You can see this on the top picture. I think bringing the colour slightly underneath the eye keeps it really modern and also keeps detracts from eye bags! I also add a little Mac Smut into the outer eye to create a wing and darken up the look, but if you're not used to a dark smokey eye just the Omega would be enough.
Add lots of black mascara to open the eyes. If you need to, a nude liner on the waterline would also stop you from looking tired. 

The complexion is equally important too. I make sure to use lots of bronzer to warm me up and prevent me from looking like a zombie, plus a little of Mac Stereo Rose to add colour without overloading and ending up with a bad case of rainbow face. 
I stay lipstick free on this look and just wear a little balm as the eyes are quite colourful. You could always go for a 'Your Lips But Better' nude too which would look fab, or go all out plum with a berry lip if you have the guts!

I used all Mac products here from my quad but obviously they aren't the cheapest, you could always use other alternatives. I'd love to know a cheap Cranberry dupe if anyone knows of one!

How do you wear colourful shades? What do you think of this look?
Charlotte x

Friday, 19 September 2014

GAGA ABOUT TRAVEL: 3 Spots you shouldn't miss in Paris

Paris is without doubt my favourite place on the planet (the Selfridges beauty hall comes a close second). Although I admit I'm not well travelled yet, Paris is a place I fell head over heels in love with from the word go and I can't imagine anywhere else beating it. In a couple of months I'll be heading there again, and so I thought I'd put together my three must-see things to do whether you're a new visitor or an old friend...

The first thing on most visitors lists is to climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower to take in the views, which is of course, another place which is high on any Paris itenary. But every time I visit, the first thing I like to do is take a river cruise along the Seine. You can take in most of the major sights within just an hour, all with a tourist guide's snippets of info, but even if you've heard the history of Paris a million times it's the perfect relaxing start. I especially recommend this if it's hot, like it was this day (above), being on the water is just fab! Alternatively save the pennies, pack a picnic, and stroll along the Seine from the Notre Dame to the Champ de Mars for a couple of hours. It's the perfect place for a romantic lunch.

Again not on the top of most travellers list, mainly because it's out of the city centre, but boy is it worth the 40 miunute RER ride. The train is overground which makes the journey more pleasant, and the palace is well worth the queues too. But the real gem here is the expansive gardens. I'm not exagerating when I say you cannot see the end of them (just take a look at this picture I snapped if you don't believe me). Take a mini train to Marie Antionette's farm for a taste of a real life fairytale, or just simply explore. There's something so charming about the whole place, from the hidden cabins to the musical fountains. Spend a day here to feel like a princess.

My favourtite place in the whole of Paris. Look at those views. Sure the Eiffel Tower is pretty spectacular, but sitting here at the top of the Monmatre you can truly soak in the Parisian culture. My top tip- don't take the lift to the top, and spend an hour exploring the little streets and making your own way up the hill. It's filled with little cafes and restaurants that are a million miles from the tourist shops at the bottom, plus the oppurtunity for romantic photos is around every corner. Watch the sunset over Paris here whilst spotting famous landmarks in the distance. Afterwards, wander back down the winding streets and marvel at the bright lights of the Moulin Rouge. 

What are your favourite Paris spots? Where should I visit on my next trip?
Charlotte x

Monday, 15 September 2014


If you haven't heard me rave on about this yet (and if you have apologies in advance), but there is now a KIKO in Leeds. Wahoo! 
I absolutely love the brand and think it doesn't get nearly half the credit it deserves. My favourite must-have item by them is the Gel Effect Top Coat, I prefer it to Seche Vite and that is saying something. Although previously you could'nt get hold of this outside of London, I now have one on my very doorstep and have managed to squeeze in two trips to the store already in the last week, where I grabbed these two lipsticks. Oopsy!

First up was a berry shade from the new Ace Of Diamonds range, which I knew I had to get hold of once Anna recommended it. And it is every bit as fab as she claims. The colour is your classic autumn berry, with a satin finish. It's so creamy when applied it can be done in one swipe, but then dries down to something with real staying power. I have only had to reapply after around four hours, and then a stain was still left so the reapplication was not a must. At £8.90 it's also not bad for such good quality. I've heard a lot of people calling Kiko 'drugstore', but I find it to be as just good quality as high end. 

(exotic shine lipstick in 03, ace of diamonds lipstick in 27)

Next up I also purchased a discounted lipstick from their summer range, which I have an eyeliner from and loved. I heard a lot about the Exotic Shine Lipticks, so when I saw they were on sale I picked up a bright orange-coral-red which is a fail-safe colour for me. Although I don't usually go for non-matte finishes, this sits somewhere between balm and lipstick which really makes it work. If you were excited but then disapointed with Benefit's balm releases this is probably what you were hoping for. I think it was around £4 in the sale.

These two are absolute winners in my eyes and once again have left me wanting more from Kiko. I warn you now, the store has so many shades and formulas you might feel a little overwhelmed at first, but it's well worth swatching to your hearts content and reading a few reviews because once you buy, you will be hooked. 

I'd love some more recommendations so please comment below with anything I should pick up (or shouldn't for that matter)!
Charlotte x

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