Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Lustlist #5 - The Post-Christmas Edit

Theres quite a lot on here so lets get down to the nitty gritty...

1. Macadamia Oil Moisturising Rinse- After smelling the range I've been dying to get my hands on some, and I'd love the Moisturising Rinse in particular as it sounds so intriguing! Plus, you can get most of the products in mini sixe for under a fiver, perfect for trying out!

2. Aldo knitted headbands - I've picked these up and put them back so many times now, I can't decide which colour I like. I think the burgundy is good for adding a pop of colour to a simple outfit, but the cream will go with everything.

3. Urban Decay Lipliner- I love the lipsticks, so a liner was naturally going to be needed at some point. I aren't fussy on a particular colour, mainly because I want them all, although I havent got any pinks in my collection, and the clear one makes a perfect primer...

4. Warehouse Leopard Scarf - Another leopard item, what a surprise! But a bit different I think, and something I would love to add to my ever growing collection especially as it's in the sale now.

5. Topshop Grey Tshirt- I'm a sucker for a loose grey t-shirt, and I love the neckline on this. They come in a few colours, and I'm feeling a purchase oh-so-soon!

6. Chrome Tangle Teezer- I'm so on the fence about tangle-teezers, it really is just a brush, and my regular brush works fine! However, my inner bblogger needs to have one, and a gold or silver is right up my street...

7. Whistles Medium Pouch -Finally, a bit more lusty of the lust list, and not something likely to come my way soon. Although, I'm waiting on an offer or sale in January and I might just pick up one these babies!

Happy Lusting Lovelies,

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

The Winter Project Last Post! Christmas Makeup and OOTD!

So I was a little bit naughty last week and didn't blog on time because I was busy moving between homes, having trips to hospital, working and revising all while fitting in doing my last minute Christmas shopping! I was going to post a day or two late, but seen as this week's theme was outfit of the day and last weeks was makeup, I thought I'd just do it all in one!

First of all makeup (pictured above). A look I always go for at Christmas, hence the Christmas Ball at which I did not, I repeat did not, get very very drunk and feel the most ill I have in a long long while afterwards oops. I always go for golden sparkly eyes and dark red lips. There's loads of products you could use for this look, but here I used a 17 golden eyeshadow pencil and glitter eyeliner all over the lid, with heavy brown eyeliner and lots of mascara! Then I chose Mac Viva Glam 1 on the lips as it's my go-to shade at the moment. I really loved this look, especially how it came out on the pictures and I'll be recreating this tomorrow...
I also really love a red nail for Christmas so I'll be testing out my new Bourjois shade too...

Next up is my OOTD, which today is my super-sexy Co-op uniform and for a nice Christmassy change I pulled out this orange/red cropped jumper from H&M. Excuse the only picture of me I took in it, I was enjoying my break and sandwich far too much clearly...
I think I might be wearing this tomorrow too, although I don't know what to pair it with yet so please shout out some ideas at me! Failing any inspiration I'll probably wear anything I get tomorrow if any clothes happen to come my way!

Apologies for the pictures as it's been dark outside for days and I just can't get any good snaps! As always, please link your posts below, leave comments or questions or anything, and have a lovely lovely Christmas lovelies, I hope you get everything you wish for....

Happy Holidays!!

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The Winter Project Week 5: Christmas Accessory!

Just a little note this week as I am currently getting ready for the History Christmas Ball, wahoo! This week was a tricky one for me as the theme is sooo broad (which I love, because we get to read loads of different things), plus, all the pretty Christmas accessories beauty and fashion-wise are at home, and I'm not. But then I was thinking, what is the number one Christmas accessory I can't live without? Lists!

Yeah, yeah, I hear you say how boring, no beauty, but trust me, Christmas for me just doesnt function without lists! Lists of what to buy for people, who to buy for, what decorations to get, what parties and other events are going on, lists of presents for me to give to my mum and boyfriend to pick from, lists of everything! Plus, the best thing about lists? Buying a super-cute Christmas note-pad to put them all in! We all know a beauty bloggers second love is stationery, and I am no different!

Even if I am never, ever, organised in life, my lists can make me look like I am right?
See you next week for more beautiful beauty posts lovelies....

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The Winter Project Week 4 : Christmas Gift Ideas!

Hello lovelies, and welcome to December wahooo! As you might have guessed, I'm a big big christmas 's alover, and now it's December I can officially go Chrimbo-crazy! Here's a few gift ideas of different prices and people, in case you're stuck for inspiration or just looking for a little gift or two for yourself (don't worry, I don't judge)!

Girls :
This necklace from ASOS would make a lovely secret santa or stocking filler, they do tonnes of different designs for under a tenner so I'm sure you could find one to suit your giftee. I personally love this love one, but theres quite a few I'd like to add to my stash.
A little higher on the price range is SOAP & GLORY, a personal favourite brand of mine and something I recieve in bulk every Christmas! There's lots of sets in different prices, the mini one shown below is around £10 but they go up to £60, although you can also create a really good personal gift for around £15 from the single items as they're usually on 3 for 2! Most smells have a shower gel, body scrub and body lotion/butter, which makes a fab trio!
If it's clothes you're looking for, I love scarves as presents, they always fit, they go with lots, and they get used a LOT this time of year. The one pictured is a super snuggly TOPSHOP snood which comes in lots of colours and depending on colours/patterns they usually go for around the £16-18 mark.
Finally, if you're looking for a big present for that lovely lady I think BENEFIT sets are a real treat! Again there's a few to choose from depending on what products the giftee loves, and the sets go for between £20 and £45 so you can find something to meet your budget!

Why are males so much harder to buy for than females?
Anyway, I've come up with a few ideas (without giving away any hints to the boyfriend)-
This POLICE aftershave (I think this picture might actually be the female version) is on offer at the moment in Boots and other perfume retailers for around £15 and I really love the smell too!
Another cheap-ish present could be a t-shirt. For a bargainous but great quality tee I always look to JACK AND JONES, I've bought these before for under £10, especially from ASOS who usually do great deals. They do nice boxer sets and socks too!
Finally, for something a little more expensive and a little more beauty-fied, look no further than KIEHLS for men. I love this stuff, which again comes single or in a range of sets to suit different budgets! It's no nivea price, but if you want to get your man into skincare or treat him to something a little luxurious this, or ORIGINS for men, would be a great place to start!

I hope this has given you some ideas lovelies, as always please comment and I look forward to reading everyone else's posts to get some inspiration myself!

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