Tuesday, 17 September 2013

The Starting Off Project Week 4: Bronzer

Hello beauties, can you believe it's been four weeks already?! This week we're chatting bronzer, something I love as I can't get enough of a healthy glow and nice fake tan. (not to say I haven't gone tangooed many, many times in the past). 
First things first, I thought we would address contouring, as it seems to be a big question amongst you all when it comes to bronzer- what is it? how do i do it? what do i use?

In a nutshell contouring is the art of changing your face shape (I love how Charlotte Tilbury calls it facial architecture) through creating shadow with bronzer. Mostly applied to cheeks, once you get to grips with it you can contour your nose and forehead too, but for now lets stick to the cheeks. You don't need any special products although there are some out there, mostly high-end, but a bronzer that isnt too orange and NOT shimmering will do. The easiest way to create the illusion of killer cheekbones is to suck them in and sweep a small, I repeat small, amount of product in the hollow, to look like a shadow. I realise without being shown how to contour this could be difficult to imagine, so I'd recommend checking out some contouring tutorials on youtube, there's loadsssss, and Lisa Eldridges are a particular favourite of mine (have a watch here). I might do a more specific contour post soon, let me know what you think!

On to products....

So obviously as well as contouring bronzer is used to well, bronze, and add a bit of life to the skin. Unlike my usual array of products I'm pretty loyal when it comes to bronzer and stick to my Benefit Hoola (not the cheapest, but last ages), but over the summer I've also loved this Bourjois Bronzing Primer underneath foundation to create an all over subtle glow. PS. this is amazing as a cream bronzer but not the easiest to use, so any beauty pro's out there, this is fab, and please show me how to do it properly!

( A little look inside, and boo I've hit pan!)

Surprise, surprise, I've picked Real Techniques brushes for this one. I'm so darn predictable.
Which brush you use really depends on what look your going for. If you want an all over generally browner face while dodging that dodgy foundation-darker-than-skin look the hugeeee Powder Brush is for you- simply dip in, tap of excess and sweep all over. For more specific bronzing of cheeks and forehead I choose the smaller Buffing Brush (such a multitasker) and for contouring, the good old Contouring Brush (I posted here about contour brushes too). You can find these online or in Boots and Superdrug, and theyr'e also dead cheap on Amazon.

(L-R, Powder Brush, Buffing Brush, Contour Brush).

And that's it for this week folks. Not as much to say as usual as I'm pretty straight forward to bronzer, and I really do recommend checking out videos as it's much better to see it applied. And also, a little word of colour, don't go for anything too shimmery or too orange. Do use bronzer if you have used fake tan, do go careful on the instant tan if it's raining, don't go for the darkest shade you can see, and do blend bronzer down your neck to avoid an orange head. And finally on the topic of all round bronzing - don't apply your St Tropez Instant Mousse and Bronzer if you've already had one too many gin-slings, or you will end up looking what is now know amongst my friends as 'Newcastle Orange'...

Lots of love beauties, 

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