Saturday, 7 September 2013

#supergorgeoussept day 6 (oops): eyelashes


Hello lovelies, apologies for not uploading this to gagaaboutbeauty yesterday, I was feeling super ill after a rainy day and then a cramped and long standing train journey so I quickly snapped this from my bed and had an early night! As I was feeling so rubbish I decided to use falsies rather than my own eyelashes in my interpretation of yesterday's post, and here are my favourites from eyelure: 

Top left- individual lashes (semi permanent), these act exactly the same as strip lashes but are tiny snippets in different lengths, so perfect for really picky eyelash lovers or like I usually use them in the corners for more subtle looks or maybe to fill in a spare gap during the day. They stay on longer than regular lashes if looked after but only a few days, these aren't permanent! 

Top right- I cut the box up from these so I could store them easier and now I can't find the name of them but these are much more glamorous criss-cross style lashes which most eyelash brands do, they look super stand-out and are perfect for nights out if you're going for a dramatic eye look. They,re also tapered getting larger in the outer corner so as we'll as being super full they suggest that feline shape lengthened eye!

Bottom: finally my favourites eyelashes eyelure ever made, these are nadine from the girls aloud collection. I can't be the only one who loves these as the collection is still going strong after many years. These are medium full so I'd say great for nights out but also if you was rocking a strong eye they could easily work during the day. These have been my go to lashes since the girls aloud edition first launched and I stock up on them regularly.

Eylure lashes retail for about £5.49 but shop around in discount stores and look out for offers! 
Have a lovely Saturday beauties, 

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