Saturday, 2 November 2013

My Halloween Look : Beetlejuice!

Yes BEETLEJUICE! Not Cruella DeVille, not Micheal Jackson (don't understand where that suggestion even came from!), Beetlejuice! Anyways, I loved the look and I love doing something a bit different on halloween, going out as a zombie last year with a million other zombies inspired me go a bit more out there this year, and seen as I had these stripey dress already I though it would be perrrrfecto!

Heres how I got the look- I applied a powder highlighter (any white one will be fine, or very white face powder) all over my face first to make myself pale. Also note, don't do a stupid me and fake tan the morning before creating a look like this, you'll just make things a lot harder!
Then I took my Real Techniques Stippling Brush and contoured face extremely with Bourjois Black Eyeshadow, blending it out with a big powder brush.
I also rubbed a bit of eyeshadow into my forehead wrinkles to create that Beetlejuicy face. 
For the eyes I smudged a lorra lorra black eyeliner (I used Urban Decay but it's not essential) right around the eyes and onto both waterline, and then applied a lot of Purple Eyeshadow in a big circle around the eyes, right up to the eyebrow and blended out in the whole eye-circle/bag area. After this I applied the black eyeshadow closer to the eye to darken it up even more.
Finally I used a Bourjois White Eyeshadow along the top of my cheekbones, a little on the forehead and down the nose to make myself very sparkly, shimmery and white, and also to create those killer cheekbones which I must admit are not my own, I wish!

Although I went for Beetlejuice I think this look could work for a lot of different fancy dress ideas, especially if you try it with different colours! I loveeeee fancy dress, bring on the next one!....

Lot of love,


  1. Haha Michael Jackson as if this look is anything like him! Cool look, really unique. Xx

    1. thats what i thought! thanks, can't wait for next year already! xx


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