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I can't stress enough that all opinions here on gagaaboutbeauty are completely my own and more importantly honest. There is nothing more annoying than a blogger who promotes everything they are sent or buy, we all need to know whats not worth the hype too. That said I am happy to accept any products to review and will endeavour to review all things sent (if my blog ever makes it that far) and if I like a product a lot, boy will you know about it!
If you want to contact me about anything, questions, comments, whatever, feel free to do so either through comments, my email ( or twitter @gagaaboutbeauty and I will get back to you ASAP!
Hope you enjoy my little beauty snippets!


  1. Im trying to start off my own beauty/fashion blog but where the hell do i start?
    dont have a clue how to make it look pretty or anything, help if you can please!

    1. hi amy,
      first of id say it really depends whether you made your blog on blogger or wordpress, as i use blogger and i really have no clue how to use wordpress. however, there are really good tutorials out there as well as posts on how to make a blog and you can find them by just googling 'how to make a blog' or whatever!
      to make they pretty i use picmonkey to do my headers and stick pictures together, its free online and quite simple, im no tech-wizz so if i can do it anyone can! basically you take a picture, uploads it, and you can choose different effects (kinda like instagram) then crop it, put words on top or whatever you like.
      to change the colours of words and stuff you do it in the settings of your blog, although mine is quite simple compared to what some people can do.
      my best advice would be to mess around with the settings for a couple of days before starting to blog properly to see how you like things, theres templates and also the way i did it was just pressed different things till i liked it, i'd have no idea how to change it again if i tried!
      check out some tutorials would be my best advice, and if you have any trouble in the future ill do my best to help!
      good luck with the blog and make sure you link me it when its up and running!

      also join bloglovin, its really good way to get follows and follow other bloggers (theres a link to following mine on the right which also might show you how to do it)


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