Thursday, 19 September 2013

Free Nails Inc Polished with Colgate Max White One!

I've been wanting to review these nail polishes since they were released as a free gift with Colgate Max White One but I couldn't get my hand on them for ages! Eventually I found both this week in a quieter Boots, there was stacks and stacks of them left, I had to stop myself and tell myself I only needed one of each! The toothpaste was only £3.99, so what a bargain (Nails Inc retail at £11 each for this size and formula bottle), and these are full size which is amazing for a free gift! Plus, these aren't those pesky free gift nail polishes where you just end up with shades that noone else wanted, they are exclusive shades and really nice too (the shimmery one will be perfect for Christmas). If I had one niggle, if would only be that they don't have funky names like the normal Nails Inc offerings, but that's just me being picky!

They have the regular Nail Inc formula which I like, very strongly pigmented so two coats is easily enough, although with the shimmery shade one would do too! I do have to say I find Nails Inc polishes quite chippy for a high-end brand, but not overly chippy, they just aren't massively long lasting. I change my nails all the time though, so for me it isn't a problem, although it does put me off paying full price! Saying this, at £3.99 each these are a much better quality than you would find for the same price on the highstreet so even if you don't need toothpaste (I didn't but I'm testing it) it's worth it!

I'll let the swatches do the talking from here on...

 (Apologies for the green in these photos, I'm waiting on new nail wheels from Hong Kong! The difference between the gloss and shimmer was really hard to capture on camera, but you can see that swatch on the right is slightly darker and more shiny, in real life it also has a very metallic finish)

(Left- Luminous Red Gloss, Right- Luminous Red Metallic)

If you're a polish fan hot-foot it to Boots right away or make an online order (they keep selling out but coming back in stock) to grab this great bargain! And more on whether the toothpaste really does give you white teeth in a week!)

Lots of love,


  1. Wow I didn't know about this offer! Those reds look gorgeous great blog buy the way :)

    1. They are lovely, get yourself to boots! Thankyou :)
      Charlotte xxx


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