Tuesday, 17 September 2013

#supergorgeoussept day 17 : favourite drugstore product

Favourite drugstore product. This was a really, really, really hard one. I can't put my hand on my heart and promise this is my drugstore favourite, because to be quite honest I could never choose one. But I did have a rummage in my daily makeup box and choose my favourite drugstore product of the minute from there. You've probably heard me mention this before as I absolutely love it! 

Designed to adapt to your skin tone, it actually does change and seem to melt into the skin, giving you that 'my skin is perfect without makeup' look we all desire! Obviously you have to still match your colour, don't pick up 'Golden' if you're a pale faced beauty! I went for 'Natural', which I'm guessing from the name and experience will suit most light-medium skin tones, and once applied it really does adapt! I find this particularly useful in these transitional months as my skin loses any scrap of tan or colour I managed to achieve over summer, and with a medium-builable coverage it's perfect as my skin likes to play up when the weather changes (seriously, chin, stop it with the spots already!). Plus it has less of a yellowy tone than most, meaning it will probably merge with your skin better in the colder months, while its peachiness counteracts any dullness you might experience.

I'd seriously reccomend you trying this out no matter what your skin type too, its a liquid with a sort of dry, mousse-y texture than kind of melts on the skin, leaving a matte finish, which personally I also look for as the sun goes in and I lust after a less glowy finish. I have combination skin, but with this I get an even and equal finish on both my dry cheeks and oily forehead. Could I rave about it any more? Yupp, because the price is fab at around £9.99 depending on where you pick it up, but always look out for offers (Boots have a buy one get one half price on at the minute).

You can probably tell I really like this, and this is why I've chosen it as ONE of my drugstore favourites. There will never be a day I pick one, but at least I tried, eh?

Lots of love,

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