Friday, 27 September 2013

I am back!!!!

( Cocktails at the gorgeoussss Alchemist! Review coming soon maybe, how do you feel about some Uni/Leeds related lifestyle posts?)

Hello beauties, I can't believe it's been almost a week since I last blogged! The past week has been pretty tough for me. Firstly I have been majorly ill, not eating for four days and being sick an insane amount, not cool! Secondly, in the middle of this I moved back to uni in Leeds to start freshers with my new house girlies. And most importantly when we arrived we had no wifi, so I couldn't get anywhere to get my posts out to you guys which has killed me, I've been dying to all week! 
Anyway, the computer is fixed, the madness is dying down and I'm slowly feeling better so I'm pleased to say that gagaaboutbeauty is back! As I mentioned before I will no longer be able to do my daily posts now back studying but considering how much I have missed the bloggersphere this week I'll be trying to post as much as possible.

Also, did you see my guest post on missbudgetbeauty this week? I'm so proud of my little self for being feautured! You can check it out here...

Watch out for my first post later on, and ladies, it's lovely to see you again...

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