Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The Starting Off Project Week 8: Eyeshadow

Ooooh it's eyeshadow week. This is one I've been looking forward to for agessss, but now I've come to it, I'm actually  not too sure what to write. I've been playing around and experimenting with eyeshadow for years, and unlike products for the complexion I think eyeshadow is a part of makeup that is really personal to you - you know what you like and what suits you after a while. So many times has someone else done my eyes and had me running for a makeup wipe! So really my biggest tip is try, but here's also a few more tips and tricks I can share from my own relationship with eyeshadow....

There are two types (I couldn't think of any more) - cream (above), and powder (below). Creams really aren't as daunting as they look, and for beginners I think they're actually quite fab, just a little on your finger blended into the lid can be a very simple way of working eyes into your makeup routine. Secondly good ol' powder- better for creating more complex smoky eyes if you're feeling daring. Although I'm no argueee of the 'high end is better than drugstore' debate, I sit firmly on the side of the drugstore, be careful when buying cheap powders and always swatch first! If the pigmentation is rubbish, I would tend to stay away, as no matter how gifted you are with that blendy brush it ain't gonna look great. For cheap and really good quality colours, and a wide wide range, look towards Bourjois -their little pots have never let me down!

I would also say stick neutral! Although I like to pop out a blue or purple eye once in a blue moon, stick with nice neutrals like the ones in the pictures to make this easy for yourself. Unless you're a makeup fiend like me there's no need to purchase a naked palette (or all three, oops), but a nice matte light beigey shade for the lid area and a brown one for the crease and you have all you need for a range of looks, pick up a black and youve get everything to create a sultry, sexy, smokey look.

In terms of brushes, there's really only two you need, and although I love my Mac 217, a flat brush like this green forever 21 one (right) and a big fluffy blender like this Real Techniques one (left) will be absolutely fine! I still reach for these almost daily even alongside my more expensive ones. On the topic of blending, here is perhaps the most important tip - BLEND! Never leave a line around the end and never colour right up to eyebrows (I'm saying never as I never could although you might suit this look, I really don't), just make sure to blend it all in so you don't end up feeling like a clown!

And just experiment beauties! My eye looks change all the time!
Lots of Love,


  1. I've been considering getting the NAKED 2 palette for a while now :) Seeing as you have both, do you think it's worth it? :)

    1. Oh definitely! I've used them every day since I bought them and when you work out the cost per shadow it works out so cheap! I prefer naked 2 aswell!

  2. Totally agree with you on the blending thing! Nothing drives me mad more than unblended eyeshadow! Plus I say to experiment too! :)


    1. I Always find myself staring and imagining blending it , how wierd!

  3. I really want the Naked 2 palette, I love the Naked palette so think its a must :)

    great post!!!

    Sophie xx


    1. Yeah you so should! I have number two first then got the others, I love to mix the two together too! Get it on your Christmas list! Xxx


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