Tuesday, 24 December 2013

The Winter Project Last Post! Christmas Makeup and OOTD!

So I was a little bit naughty last week and didn't blog on time because I was busy moving between homes, having trips to hospital, working and revising all while fitting in doing my last minute Christmas shopping! I was going to post a day or two late, but seen as this week's theme was outfit of the day and last weeks was makeup, I thought I'd just do it all in one!

First of all makeup (pictured above). A look I always go for at Christmas, hence the Christmas Ball at which I did not, I repeat did not, get very very drunk and feel the most ill I have in a long long while afterwards oops. I always go for golden sparkly eyes and dark red lips. There's loads of products you could use for this look, but here I used a 17 golden eyeshadow pencil and glitter eyeliner all over the lid, with heavy brown eyeliner and lots of mascara! Then I chose Mac Viva Glam 1 on the lips as it's my go-to shade at the moment. I really loved this look, especially how it came out on the pictures and I'll be recreating this tomorrow...
I also really love a red nail for Christmas so I'll be testing out my new Bourjois shade too...

Next up is my OOTD, which today is my super-sexy Co-op uniform and for a nice Christmassy change I pulled out this orange/red cropped jumper from H&M. Excuse the only picture of me I took in it, I was enjoying my break and sandwich far too much clearly...
I think I might be wearing this tomorrow too, although I don't know what to pair it with yet so please shout out some ideas at me! Failing any inspiration I'll probably wear anything I get tomorrow if any clothes happen to come my way!

Apologies for the pictures as it's been dark outside for days and I just can't get any good snaps! As always, please link your posts below, leave comments or questions or anything, and have a lovely lovely Christmas lovelies, I hope you get everything you wish for....

Happy Holidays!!


  1. What a gorgeous jumper! Merry Christmas :) x

  2. Cute jumper. Hope you had a lovely Christmas xx


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