Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The Winter Project Week 5: Christmas Accessory!

Just a little note this week as I am currently getting ready for the History Christmas Ball, wahoo! This week was a tricky one for me as the theme is sooo broad (which I love, because we get to read loads of different things), plus, all the pretty Christmas accessories beauty and fashion-wise are at home, and I'm not. But then I was thinking, what is the number one Christmas accessory I can't live without? Lists!

Yeah, yeah, I hear you say how boring, no beauty, but trust me, Christmas for me just doesnt function without lists! Lists of what to buy for people, who to buy for, what decorations to get, what parties and other events are going on, lists of presents for me to give to my mum and boyfriend to pick from, lists of everything! Plus, the best thing about lists? Buying a super-cute Christmas note-pad to put them all in! We all know a beauty bloggers second love is stationery, and I am no different!

Even if I am never, ever, organised in life, my lists can make me look like I am right?
See you next week for more beautiful beauty posts lovelies....

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