Friday, 11 October 2013

Testing, testing.... Having your eyebrows waxed by the Benebabes...

So yesterday I went for my eyebrows waxed by the lovely girls at Benefit in Boots Leeds Trinity. I don't usually pay for treatments like this (eg. eyebrows, tanning, nails etc.) but after being convinced to buy a couple of the very few items I don't have from the range I was gifted a free brow wax! First of all the lady serving me (I can't remember her name or even if she told me it actually), sat me down and 'mapped' my brows which basically meant she showed me with a stick what she would do, although I must say she said mine were in pretty good shape (proud moment, woo!). Next she heated up a pot of wax and applied it around my eyebrows before pulling off, ouch! Boy did it hurt, especially underneath the brow so close to my eyelid. It only hurt for a second, but afterwards I felt like my eyebrows were absolutely huge, and they were very, very, very red! I had refused a tint which they tried to sell me as I'd already spent a considerable amount on products and I usually do it myself with one of those eyelure boxes. Also, you have to sign a release form saying you can't sue Benefit if something goes wrong, which is slightly worrying, but don't worry, nothing went wrong with me.

The results are fab! Once the redness had died down you could really see the shape of them being much more defined - no pesky small hairs or random ones shooting off in different directions. And still thick-ish lovely brows, yay! Apologies for no before and after photos, I completely forgot, but just have a nosy at my brows on instagram to see the results...
I must say if I was to have my brows waxed again, I'd probably go to one of the other Benefit services in Leeds as with it being in Boots (a drugstore), it just wasn't the calm and luxury experience I wanted it to be, with hundreds of shoppers weaving in and out past us all the time. Plus, it would be a bit steep if it wasn't free, another thing to keep in mind. Maybe I'll take waxing up occasionally, but I certainly couldn't afford a wax and tint for £18.00 every 4 weeks as was suggested!

All in all, I'd really recommend eyebrow waxing (or any other facial waxing) as the results are fab and I didn't think I had enough brows to wax! You could try Benefit, or if you try another service, particularly in Leeds, please do let me know! Here's a pic of the price list in case you were wondering, as it doesn't seem available online, but just be warned I don't know if this list is Benefit-wide or just for the Leeds store.

Have a fab weekend beauties,


  1. I had several bad experiences with brow waxes, burns was the worst, but I plucked up the courage to go to benefit. I really like the results.

    1. Oh no, you're so brave to go back, anything going wrong and I'd be scared for life! It was really nice though, not painful or too stingy other than what you would expect with waxing :) just a tad pricey!


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