Thursday, 11 September 2014


I have a love/hate relationship with fashion (fashion, not clothes). I love some trends, but others I just don't get. And I much prefer to go with my own style than follow a trend just because it's in. I tend to like simple, classy and neutral clothes. You'll find my wardrobe packed with monochrome, khaki, camis, leather jackets, scarves and handbags. I'm all about the accessories. And for that reason a floppy fedora is a recent trend that is right up my street, but also something that's bang on trend this season. I've been wanting one for ages (in fact I used to own a tan one that I never wore, I must dig that back out), but never plucked up the guts. Plus the fact that they're sooo expensive, just for a hat, put me off for a while too. I've had my eye on this Miss Selfridge one for ages, but for that price, no way.
Then I came across this one in Primark last week, for a bargainous £8! I absolutely love the plaited detail, in fact I'd seen someone wearing it earlier that day and thought it looked really expensive. Although it would work in summer, I think it could look even more glam teamed with a leather jacket and a fur collar. And a Celine handbag, but that's extremely unlikely/ never gonna happen. I'm thinking I'd love to pick it up in burgundy too for an even more autumn-friendly version, so any more suggestions of how to wear it in the cold weather would be much appreciated!

If you've been lusting after a floppy fedora just like me, but don't want to commit to a more expensive high street offering I suggest hot-footing it to your nearest Primarni before these babies sell out!

What do you think of the hat? Do you have the guts to wear something like this, am I the only scaredy pants out there? Let me know what you think!

Charlotte xx


  1. I love these kind of hats but I'm not sure if I suit them ! Looks great on you though :)


    1. I felt exactly the same but i thought I'd just give it a go seen as it was a bargain! Just need to think of what to wear with it now :)

      Thanks for the comment lovely!

      Charlotte x


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