Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The Starting Off Project Week 10 : Tools

I can't quite believe it's already the end of #thesoproject, I've got to admit that I'm pretty sad about it to be honest. I've loved writing about my own little tips and tricks, especially as I didn't realise what they were until I had a good think about them! I've got to say a massive massive thanks to Steph from Stephs Inside Voice for organising the whole thing too, she's been amazing and so organised, I do not know how she does it! When I started the starting off project I'd only been blogging for a few weeks and was still feeling really overwhelmed, but through the project I've really felt a part of the blogging world. Plus, knowing what to blog about at least once a week with my recent hectic uni life is really nice!

Anyway, on to the informationy-type bit....

When I started to think about tools this week I realised I'm a big brush-a-holic, I have bought so many and justified them for all sorts of reasons it's a bit insane! I did manage to narrow my essential beauty tools down though, as I realised that really, you dont NEED that many. Here's my top 5....

Blush/Bronzer Brush- Because c'mon, you aren't gonna attempt that with your fingers are you?
A flat eyshadow brush- For packing on the colour onto the lid, any flat dense brush will help you get the most out of any shadow and up the pigmentation.
A blendy brush- This one's Mac, but certainly doesn't need to be. Essential for blurring edges of eyeshadow without adding more colour and making sultry smokey eyes!
Tweezers- Even the bushiest brows need a little tweaking and tidying every now and again.
Eyelash Curlers- Not strictly essential, but even the cheapest pair makes such a difference. A nice curl and any cheap mascara can look amazing!

Also I want to give a little nod to a buffing brush for foundation, although I didn't want to include it as I have waffled about it sooooo many times, and also, foundation with your fingers can be fab too! If you really wanted to narrow tools down to the bare necessities, you could get away with only a bronzer brush and blendy eye brush, applying shadows with your finger, and leave your eyelashes and brows to do their own thing. However, if you are looking to dabble in tools for the first time, but don't fancy taking out a loan to buy the entire mac collection, any good quality (and note non branded) brushes and tools will do a great job!I think these five products would be a great place to start. And, at the risk of sounding like the blogging world's broken record here, a special mention to the purse-friendly-luxury-quality Real Techniques must be made.

Lots of love lovelies, and I hope you've liked this and all my #thesoproject posts! I'll be sad to see them go....

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