Sunday, 11 May 2014

makeup revolution haul...

After the success of the Iconic 3 dupe for Urban Decay's Naked 3 which I raved about here, I thought a little Makeup Revolution haul was in order. There's quite a lot to discuss here so I'll get down to it...

Essential Shimmers Palette- I didn't need any more naked dupes (although I admit I was tempted) so I thought I'd go for one of the more original offerings. I didn't want anything with too many mattes as we all know budget mattes aren't the best so instead I went for this. The quality is really lovely again, especially as this only cost £4, all a decent size and easy to use. I have found them all to be a little warm in tone, not that this is a bad thing but something to be aware of if you wanted something cooler. There's lots of golds and amber variations in here. 

Awesome Eyeshadow and Eyebrow Palette Disappear Till Tomorrow- Wow, that's a mouthful. This one is another popular one among bloggers, and I can see why as it has a nice mix of easy shimmer and matte neutrals with darks and lights, allowing you to go subtle or dramatic depending on what you fancy. Although I don't know anyone with yellow eyebrows, the darker brow shade is also fab to for filling in and it's really nice to have it a palette with shadows. It makes it super easy for travelling and that's what I've been reaching for every time I wanted to take makeup away with me lately. The name says it all really - you can pop this easily into even a small bag and disappear till tomorrow. A travel hero. 

Eye Dusts- These pigments have really impressed me. I love the high density finish you get with using pigments instead of shadows and even though only £1 these are no different. They can be blended to give a soft finish or pressed into the lid for full on colour and unlike a lot of pigments out there these come in nice neutrals as well as the regular bright paint box colours too. I picked up Virtuous and Agonise, but I can see a lot more of these coming my way. 

Blushers- I picked up one powder blusher for £1, in Wow. This is a bright pink shade that requires a light hand to apply. Lovely and pigmented, although not the best at blending. I like this for looks with more simple eyes and lips where the blush can do to the talking. The baked blushers impressed me much more, they are so so pigmented. I picked up Hard Day and Loved Me The Best, which are both shimmery pinks that work well on the cheekbones as a blushy-highlight. To be honest once blended both are very similar, with Loved Me The Best just providing a little more warmth. They remind a lot of Mac Skinfinishes, but without the hefty price tag. Picking up at least one of these is a must. 

Pink Lights Highlighter- I'm not sure why this is called pink lights as it's actually a very unique lilac shade, very cool in tone. Everyone is raving about this but I'm not so sure, it seems to be a bit too silvery on my skin, although I can't fault the amazing pigmentation. I imagine pale skintones will suit this perfectly. Despite the colour I like the formula and will be trying the other colours in the future.

Again I'm really impressed with this brand and left wanting more. Let me know what you think of Makeup Revolution...

Charlotte xxx


  1. I've heard so many great things about this brand and I'm so curious to try it, although I still haven't seen it in the shops near me :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

    1. These were bought from superdrug online, can't wait to see it in shops though!
      Charlotte x

  2. So freaking jealous! I would love some blushes from them and the Naked3 dupe!

    1. they are such lovely products, can't wait for the brand to branch out a little! xxx


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