Tuesday, 12 November 2013

#TheWinterProject Week One: Winter Nails!

Weekly Tuesday posts are back! This time around its Kellie's #TheWinterProject which is set to get us all excited about Christmas! Same routine as #thesoproject, 6pm, every tuesday, be there or be square, but this time the topics will be all about our different winter faves! This week it's nail polishes. Now I've already done posts or nodded to some of my autumn/winter favourites and I didn't want to be a broken record on y'all, so I've picked some more. Which was still tricky to decide on...

For no deliberate reason these babies are all from the fabulous Topshop make-up range. I just picked some gorgeous shades which I think are perfect for Christmas time and they all turned out to be from one brand!
I went for two pearly greens for two reasons : I wear red all year round so I don't see it as Christmassy as green, and also they have a gorgeous pearly sheen which I don't think you can rock so well in the sunnier months!
Next of course it had to be sparkle, and for me the best place to get sparkle is the Topshop counter. I have pretty much every single glitter, but these are my two most loved and can create two different looks. I loved them just over a white polish or over the green ones also shown best, but they can go over pretty much anything and look amazing!

 (L-R) Hidden Treasure- golden pearly green, Poison Ivy- dark less pearly forest green, Brazil- very colourful glitter very similar to Models Own Hedkandi (another love), and finally Unknown but still on the shelves - a gorgeous white shimmer with big glitter chunks.

These beauties are between £5-6 depending on which colour you pick up and while that's on the pricier side of drugstore I think they are well worth it as you'll wear them right through the party season!

I hope you liked the first #thewinterproject post, please leave comments, questions and links to your favourite winter nails below.....

Lot of love,


  1. Ooo hidden treasure is beautiful!

    Hannah xxx

    1. i love it! really different to anything else i have!xxx

  2. Yay! More weekly posts. I love themed posts. I also love both those greens. And your right, green somehow feels much more Christmas than red nails. Lovely post as always xx

    1. Aw thankyou so lovely to know you enjoy reading! I think it's because reds are all year round! Made me excited for Christmas now! Xxx

  3. These sparkly shades are amazing!! I love all of them! xxx


    1. thanks, everyone loves a bit of sparkle at christmas!xxx


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