Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Lustlist #5 - The Post-Christmas Edit

Theres quite a lot on here so lets get down to the nitty gritty...

1. Macadamia Oil Moisturising Rinse- After smelling the range I've been dying to get my hands on some, and I'd love the Moisturising Rinse in particular as it sounds so intriguing! Plus, you can get most of the products in mini sixe for under a fiver, perfect for trying out!

2. Aldo knitted headbands - I've picked these up and put them back so many times now, I can't decide which colour I like. I think the burgundy is good for adding a pop of colour to a simple outfit, but the cream will go with everything.

3. Urban Decay Lipliner- I love the lipsticks, so a liner was naturally going to be needed at some point. I aren't fussy on a particular colour, mainly because I want them all, although I havent got any pinks in my collection, and the clear one makes a perfect primer...

4. Warehouse Leopard Scarf - Another leopard item, what a surprise! But a bit different I think, and something I would love to add to my ever growing collection especially as it's in the sale now.

5. Topshop Grey Tshirt- I'm a sucker for a loose grey t-shirt, and I love the neckline on this. They come in a few colours, and I'm feeling a purchase oh-so-soon!

6. Chrome Tangle Teezer- I'm so on the fence about tangle-teezers, it really is just a brush, and my regular brush works fine! However, my inner bblogger needs to have one, and a gold or silver is right up my street...

7. Whistles Medium Pouch -Finally, a bit more lusty of the lust list, and not something likely to come my way soon. Although, I'm waiting on an offer or sale in January and I might just pick up one these babies!

Happy Lusting Lovelies,

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