Friday, 23 August 2013

The Starting Off Project

Hello fellow beauty lovers, today I have a very exciting announcement for you- I am going to be part of a very exciting blogger series coming up called The Starting Off Project. Organised by the lovely Steph, the project is aimed at those new to makeup and beauty, looking for some tips on the best products and more importantly how to use them. Don't be fooled that this series is just for newbies though, I strongly strongly believe beauty and makeup is a learning curve, I'm always looking for new products, the best products and ways to improve my look! I've had plenty of makeup mishaps myself (the word tangoed springs to mind) and I'm almost certain I'll look back in  a few years at the makeup trends and have a what-were-you-thinking moment! A post will go out every Tuesday at 6pm, starting on the 27th, and for ten weeks me and all the other lovely bloggers involved (the last I heard there was 70 of us!) will be sharing our expertise!

The topics will be :
Week 1- Skincare
Week 2- Concealer
Week 3-Foundation
Week 4-Bronzer
Week 5-Blusher
Week 6-Mascara
Week 7-Eyeliner
Week 8-Eyeshadow
Week 9-Lipstick & Gloss
Week 10- Tools

To see who else is getting involved, have a look at the hashtag #thesoproject on twitter, and follow us girlies on bloglovin or subscribe to never miss a post! As a part of this series, I'm so so so excited to see what everyone else thinks, and I'm sure if you browse we'll all find a blogger who's tips and tricks match our need perfectly. If you're part of the starting off project too, leave a link to your blog in the comments below and give me a follow! Thanks ladies, and remember to leave a little time free for a little read on Tuesdays from now on!

Lots of love,

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