Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Fingers and Toes!

Okay, so actually this post is more hands and feet than fingers and toes in particular, I thought I'd share how I take care of my hands and feet. I don't like anything to complicated - we spend enough time applying lotions and potions to our face and hair and all of our makeup without spending half an hour every day taking care of our hands and feet too, however these babies do a lot of hard work for us all day long and sometimes can be easy to neglect. 

First of all hands, we won't talk nail care here (I'll save that for later), and a good hand moisturiser is essential. You can just use your regular body moisturiser of course, but for something a little more intensive I recommend Soap and Glory's 'Hand Food'- its like a thick moisturiser which sinks in quick and of course smells of that delicious soap and glory scent too! It comes in the full bottle shown but also in mini which is fab for travelling or shoving in your bag on dry-hand days. Apply this throughout the day if you feel you need it, or for a low maintenance approach if you're lazy like me keep this next to your bed and slap on a healthy does before bed! Available here currently (as always) on 3 for 2.
Now onto feet, way down there at the end of our legs walking around all day but never getting the attention everywhere else seems to get. I don't have problem dry feet but can get flare ups of dry heels (and sometimes big toes, weirdly) especially if I've been on my feet a lot or when the weather changes. To combat this I love the 'Stepping Stone' foot scrub by Lush (the weird green stuff in the purple tub). It actually comes in a funky foot shape like a pumice stone but you only need to break off a really small amount to use as a foot scrub, meaning it quickly breaks up, so you might want to invest in a little pot or dish to keep it in. This baby only costs £2.95 here, and depending on how dry your feet are I reckon used once a week you'll get around 10 uses. Next we have another lush lovely - the volcano foot mask. Now this one really isn't essential unless you have problem dry feet or sore feet (to avoid scrubbing), but it really does feel a luxury treat and help soften up them tootsies. You smooth this all over your feet, wrap in 'plastic' (I use cling film) and leave for ten minutes before massaging in and washing off. With about 6 uses to a pot for £5.95 this one isn't too expensive either, but personally I find the scrub much more effective. Also socks! Aren't they the cutest fluffy socks you've ever seen? I know they're odd, I couldn't find the matching one to either, however any fluffy or thick socks will do. Every once in a while I like to put as much moisturiser as humanly possible onto my feet then slide my thick socks over to let it soak in for a few hours. I know they do hand gloves to sleep in like this too, but I just couldn't bear wearing gloves to bed when I tried. Do this if your feeling dry, having aching feet or just whenever you fancy it, keeping the socks on for as long as possible (I like to sleep in them) and you'll end up with the softest feet ever!
Finally (and I'll be quick as I've rambled on), there are two products not shown here that I wanted to mention. For hands, I also like a scrub, my favourite being this one by Soap and Co, however I've ran out and can't afford to replenish it at £34.99 for a small tub. However, this makes does have stands in shopping centres, I got mine from Meadowhall, and you can talk them down to a better price if you have time. Also, I wanted to show you guys my favourite foot cream by Sanctuary but sadly since coming back from my holiday last week I can't find it anywhere. This has a gorgeous fresh, minty, tea tree-ey smell and really hydrates dry heels! Its on offer at the moment in boots and costs £7.50. I think it's especially important to take good care of your feet in summer seen as we'll be baring all in pretty sandals!

And thats it, my hand and foot routine! !Well done if you managed to read all that without falling asleep, and I hope you liked it. If you have any favourite hand and foot products, anything to recommend or any comments on this post I'd love to hear it!


  1. Lovely blog, and thanks for sharing I think all this summer swimming is making my hands especially dry, will have to check this stuff out :) actually never tried soap and glory if you can believe that ;) thanks! :)

  2. Thanks Jasmine, it's lovely to hear that you like it! I totally agree, nobody needs those prune fingers! I can't believe you haven't tried it, they do the hand food in a travel size for only £2.50 along with lots of other bits which are on 3 for 2 at the minute so if you wanted to try without spending much you could get three quality products for £5 :)
    Love Charlotte xx


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