Sunday, 25 August 2013

Bank Holiday Nails!

Happy bank holiday sunday my beauty blogging lovelies! I'm currently getting ready for a BBQ in this scorching heat, waiting for my nails to dry, and I thought I'd share with you the two nail art looks I've been rocking this week, and show you my new nail art buys! Nail art has been a massive trend over the last couple of years and I'm definitely a huge fan. I'm also the kind of person that rarely wears the same nail colour for more than a day or two, there's just too many colours and not enough time! Last week I ordered these amazing decals from diy nails which I love love love! I haven't tried the single decals on the left yet, but the leopard transfers on the right have seriously revolutionised my nail art routine! As a big lover of animal print, I've spent a lot a lot of hours carefully painting leopard print onto my nails using nail art pens, but these babies are clear decals meaning you can add them on top of any nail colour to create a super quick and super neat leopard look. In the picture below I've only added them to my ring finger as an accent nail but I think once I get onto my toes I'm going to layer them on top of a bright bright coral (Models Own Headkandi Hedonist maybe?).
The leopard decals cost £5, the single ones £6 and the little bits in the middle were a 'pic'n'mix' at £2.50. Also, if you spend £12 or over its free delivery and I got some freebies (the ones at the top). I would really suggest checking this site out -while I'm a big lover of ebay nail art supplies this site has really original, cant-find-anywhere-else designs. I thought I'd also add this picture of a look I've been loving earlier this week, but these chevrons were created using a simple Models Own nail art pen (currently on 2 for £8 here). The nail colour I'm using in both look is Bourjouis 1 seconde nail enamel in 'Blue No Blues'.
So overall I'm absolutely loving diy nails at the moment and will be ordering some more nail accessories once payday finally arrives! I'd love to try some more clear nail decals and the pre-painted false nails look really nice too (as you can tell I'm terrible at growing or keeping grown nails). Hope you've enjoyed this post, leave me comments, I'd love to hear from you, and have a fabulous bank holiday ladies!
Lots of Love

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