Monday, 19 August 2013

a little introduction

 Not long before this first post (which I apologise probably wont be my best) I was largely unaware of the beauty blogging world, loving all things makeup all alone (cry), being told by my boyfriend all the time that I have some kind of 'illness' when it comes to shopping, particularly beauty shopping! As a little introduction I'll tell you a bit about me - I'm currently studying history at Leeds which i LOVE, spending too much time in Harvey Nics which i LOVE, and I'm not completely your average blogger. First of all I tend to find don't have the perfect skin and hair as the average bblogger- most of those girls look just as amazing before makeup as they do afterwards- unfortunately I wasn't blessed which flawless skin and anything less than crazy frizzy hair. Maybe this is one reason why I'm so obsessed with the results good products can create, and I in no way will ever express a view which is anything but my own and am not afraid to write a product off as rubbish...which I'm sure I will. Well I think I've blabbed on long enough, lets get down to all things beautiful....


  1. Welcome to the beauty blogging world :) Don't be fooled, a lot of beauty bloggers don't have picture perfect skin :) They/we just know the best shots and angles :D

    Look forward to seeing future posts from you :)


  2. Oh don't be fooled by bloggers photos, I think a lot of it is good lighting haha. Lovely to stumble across your blog :) I also study at Leeds! Looking forward to reading your future posts x

    1. Lovely to hear from fellow bloggers, I'm finding the community so friendly! what do you study? x


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