Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The Starting Off Project Week 6: Mascara!

Hey beauties, can you believe it's week 6 of The Starting Off Project already?! I went on a little break last week as I had some major technical issues at home, plus I'm not a big blusher wearer, but this week I am definitely back with all things mascara related! Unlike blusher, mascara is something I could not live without. Seriously. The thought of leaving the house without it? Urgh. 

Because of my love of mascara I find myself testing and trying lots of different releases, and boy is there plenty. When isn't there a new formula or wand out that promises to give you bigger, fuller, longer, more beautiful lashes? And while I usually fall for hypes and try the new products, there are a few old favourites I always return to, and these are what I'm going to share.

First of all I want to also point out that I really believe that the wand, not the formula, makes a mascara, and so from time to time (and I know I'm not the only one) I've saved good wands from expensive mascaras and dipped them in the cheaper ones. Not as good results as using the original, but if you're on a budget like me, just a little tip!

 I picked my two regulars and all time favourites, the best being Maxfactor's False Lash Effect offering in the middle. I don't know how it does it, but I can't find anything that gives me better separation and volume like this baby does, and so consistently. However, I am a sort of two-mascara girl, I like to really lengthen and then bulk up with something volumising (you could volumise then lenghten but I just don't think it works the same). To lengthen I use No7's Extreme Length because it does exactly what it says on the tin! I've just realised I've photographed the same mascara twice here when in fact I was trying to get one of the purple waterproof version too. They are the same mascara, but just different packaging, although I personally find the waterproof (lets pretend it's the one on the right) performs slightly better in its longevity!

Here's a picture of the brushes below. I'm not sure how true this is, but I find the bulkier the brush, the more volume you get, so I look out for thinner brushes (on the edges) for length and bulkier ones (middle) for volume!

You'll notice that I've also included eyelash curlers in this weeks post, and that's because I never use mascara without them. Mine are Shu Uemura, but if you don't have £20 to splash out any old pair still make a huge difference. I like to pump at the bottom of lashes, right in the roots, for a few seconds, then do another shorter pump half way up, but fiddle with them to find the best results for you. The Voila! Super curly stand-out lashes will be yours!

Apart from my two favourites here, I also love the superbargainous mascara range from Natural Collection in Boots, and Maybelline's 'The Rocket Volume' for night out blackest-black lashes!

As always please send me your questions and comments or links in the comment box below, and have a brilliant week lovelies!

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