Saturday, 1 March 2014

Feeling Blue...

(L-R, In The Navy, Turquoise Block, Blue No Blues)

Okay so hopefully you're not really feeling blue, but seriously, how gorgeous are these colours? Spring isn't  here yet but everyone seems to be jumping on that bandwagon already (including me), which means away goes to nudes and glitters and out pops the brights once again! I've raved about the formula of these nail polishes before, but I seriously do love them so I thought they deserved their own post at last. 
Admittedly the two on the right are rather similar, so pick depending on whether you lean to turquoise or mint more, or just do a me and buy both. The brushes on these polishes are what really make them stand out for me, super big and rounded so that you can swipe them on in one second and neatly too, plus they dry in a minute tops! Apart from the darker one, which sometimes needs more, the others really only need one coat. One! I've tested this in a rush in the past and have actually done both hands and been out the door smudge-free in under two minutes. Amazing. And let's face it, the colours are gorgeous anyway.
On the gel issue I wouldn't say they were significantly shinier or gel-like than other polishes, but that wasn't really what I bought them for. The shade range in general lets the polishes down a bit here, but these colours are gorgeous and there's a few other gems available, plus hopefully there might be a new release this year...

Can you tell I love these?
Borjouis 1 Seconde Gel's cost £5.99 rrp but are on offer at the mo here!

Love Charlotte


  1. Beautiful shades - especially the Blue No Blues. They dry so quickly, but on my nails they also start chipping very quickly, although that's not stopping me from buying them :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

    1. Yeah I really love them, I've not had any problems with chipping though!xxx

  2. These are gorgeous. I want them all, especially the middle one. Xx

    1. Yeah Turquoise Block is my favourite, it's probably my most worn polish ever! xx


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