Thursday, 8 May 2014

worth the hype? nars laguna

I recently gave in to all the hype around Nars Laguna and made a purchase, although what I make of it might not be what you're all expecting.
 First off, Nars packaging, need I say more? Beautiful and simple as always. I also really like the tone of this bronzer, not too orange (although not suitable for contouring my skin) and really subtle. But I also found this a little too subtle. I wouldn't say I had a medium skin tone but I seem too dark for this to really show up without building up a good few layers of the stuff. I much prefer a big sweep with a big ol' powder brush for a wash of colour. I still do like it, especially for pale days, maybe in Winter this will get more of a look in. But it just hasn't been love at first swipe like I expected. The formula is buttery soft, but I wanted a little more pigmentation in there which I just didn't get when I applied it to my face. Don't get me wrong I like it, but it won't be my go-to bronze this summer, especially not with the high price tag. I'll be in no hurry to repurchase. Sorry Nars, I dostill love you, but Laguna doesn't love me!

What do you think of Nars Laguna? What's your holy grail bronzer?
Charlotte xxx

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