Tuesday, 6 May 2014

dug out from the stash: soap and glory arch de triump

I'm about to make a not so secret confession. I am a beauty hoarder. Hardly breaking news. But here in a new feature on GAB I've decided to hunt through my stash from time to time to bring you the best bits from a very big collection that seem to have got lost along the way. If you're a fellow blogger, or fellow hoarder, you'll probably be all too familiar with getting caught up with the hype or in a trend, loving a product for a couple of months then moving on to the next thing. Or in the never-ending search for bigger and better things, our once favourites get a little bit neglected. Soap and Glory's Arch de Triumph is a perfect example. 

First things first, what an amazing product name. Ten out of ten for another brilliant play on words from S&G. Probably one of the first brow pencils I ever bought, this pencil houses a brow pencil on one end which is a really nice cool shade, perfect for my (and I imagine a lot of people's ) natural shade as it isn't too warm. Its also quite hard in texture, which I really like in a pencil for brows as it allows you to draw on tiny lines to fill in areas unlike some softer offering which end up as once big dark line. The only niggle I have is that it is a tiny bit thick for me, I prefer a thinner offering. But the reason I really love this product is the highlighter end. It's gorgeously creamy and unlike a lot of highlighters really matte which makes it really natural when blended into the brow bone or even down the nose and center of the face, contour style. It's really good for contouring the T-zone as you won't leave people wondering if you're looking Kardashian-esque or just a bit too oily, as some shimmers can. I wouldn't it on the cheekbones, simply as it's too small. The colour is a dead ringer for Benefits High Brow highlighter pencil, and in fact the packaging in quite similar too, with both Soap and Glory and Benefit rocking that kitsch retro thang. 
But why buy this over High Brow (which I also love, FYI)? The price. Both products perform exactly the same, but at £9 Arch de Triumph is £6.50 cheaper than benefit with the added bonus of a brow pencil too. The fact that it's double ended also makes it great for travelling. 

I'm so glad I had a rake through my stash and put this baby back into my everyday makeup bag, I'm really loving it. Although I don't think the brow pencil is about to give my powder a run for it's money, the highlighter is once again a daily staple. 

Find Arch de Triumph here, for £9. 

Charlotte xxx

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