Wednesday, 28 May 2014

a tale of two bronzers...

It's fair to say I've been on a bit of a bronzer binge lately. First it was contours, then it was Nars Laguna, now it's two of MUA's bronzer offerings. Although I don't usually try the budget drugstore brands, after my Makeup Revolution success and being pleasantly surprised by Sleek blushers (turns out everyone was right about them) I dipped another toe into MUA. I admit I would have tried more from this brand before but the stands in Superdrug are always empty, does anyone else have this issue a lot with Superdrug in general?

Anyway, on to the review. The first one I tried was the Mosaic Bronzer which has a really lovely patterny bronze in different colours. As you can see with the swatch, its quite subtle with more of a sheen than a shimmer, but as you might tell from the pictures it has a lot of pink tones in it. All over my face this pink hue just doesn't look right, but I am absolutely loving it as a subtle blush. Girls who don't love blush, this is for you. Its sooo pigmented one swipe is all you need, and it just gives a really nice glow which complements the bronzer perfectly. A hidden gem although not for what it thinks it is!

Mua Mosaic Powder Sunkissed Bronzer, £2.50

Say hello to my favourite bronzer of the moment. I bought this on a whim as it was absolutely huge, only £3, and unlike most drugstore bronzers it is completely shimmer free and quite cool toned. I've been applying this with a giant fluffy brush over the high points of the face to look subtly and naturally bronzed, but a little buffed into the hollows of the cheeks looks perfectly natural too. Plus I love how big it is, perfect for one swirl and go. Plus the pattern is pretty cool too. I urge you to pick this up just to try it, it's a dark horse that deserves a hype. Love it!

Mua Bronzer Bronzed Perfection £3.00, here

At just £5.50 for the pair, it would be a crime not to...

Charlotte xxx


  1. I've been wanting the mosaic one for a very long time but I think both are gorg! I would love one for a light bronzing!

    1. The more bronzery one is perfect for a light dusting, it reminds me a lot of nars Laguna in that sense!
      Thanks for the comment xx


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