Saturday, 26 April 2014

the budget contour : sleek face contour kit

It seems to have been budget-central here at GAB lately, after chasing cult products and visiting Mac way too much lately I've turned my hand to a bit of bargain hunting. You've already heard about my love for new budget brand Makeup Revolution here, but I also had my first dip into Sleek products last week in a little Superdrug haul. One product that has been raved about a lot is the Sleek Face Form Palette, but it was out of stock and I'm not a big blush girl, so I went for the smaller contouring palette, at £6.49. I'm a big big fan of contouring, in fact I rarely leave the house without a little help shaping and sculpting my face. But finding a budget bronzer which is grey-toned enough to leave you looking sculpted and not selectively tangoed isn't the easiest task. Enter Sleek. 
It comes with two powders, one for sculpting under the cheekbone to create a natural shadow, and a highlighter to brighter the tops of the cheeks. The sculpting powder is a lovely grey toned brown, although this one is light and rather dark for a 'light' shade so I'm not sure super-pale beauties would have much luck with this. I'm semi-pale and its works just right for me. It's not too dark however that you can go awfully wrong, just keep a light hand in mind. It's also shimmer free creating a natural look. The highlighter is really beautiful and rather shimmery natural shade -don't be using this to contour your nose- but adds a gorgeous sheen which can be blended to a subtle finish or built up for more dramatic looks. 
I was also pleasantly surprised at the packaging- compact, smooth, and dare I say sleek? It reminds me of Nars packaging quite a lot. If I was picky I wish the highlighter was a tad smaller and sculpt powder a little bit, but for £6.49 who can complain? If you're into blushers I'd recommend picking up the full Face Form palette as at £10 its a steal too! I can see this becoming a handbag staple, much easier to carry than a bronzer and highlighter....
Buy it here.
Have you tried any Sleek products? Do you love this contour palette as much as me? I would love some recommendations to try out more from the brand!

Love Charlotte xxx

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