Sunday, 20 April 2014

new brush storage!

Say hello to the newest addition to my ever-expanding brush storage. Perfectly matching my muji and other acrylic storage I already use, including far too many ebay lipstick stands, this baby is perfect for organising my brushes into different sections while keeping them all in one place. No more lugging around five different pots or trying to find the right brush amongst a million. 
Here I've gone for base brushes on the left, all powder/blush/bronzer types in the middle and eye brushes on the right. It's really helped me in the mornings as I can move through them stage by stage. Plus, there's so much more room in there for new brushes, how convenient. Queue new wishlist of brushes I need to fill those empty spaces. 

I picked this up at TK Maxx for £5.99, what a bargain. There was plenty of different shapes and sizes on offer, I suggest you get to the nearest store fast as I can see these flying off the shelves!

Love Charlotte


  1. Wow I am jealous of your brush collection. So many. I've never thought of looking in tacky maxx for these before so thanks :-) Xx

    1. Thanks! I've spied some real techniques in there before too! I have a bit of an obsession with brushes!! xx


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