Wednesday, 9 April 2014

a little bite of lifestyle

see what I did with the title there?
Last week I was lucky enough to have a little weekend trip to visit one of my best friends in London and indulge in three days of shopping sprees and pretty amazing food. I've been wanting to write some more lifestyle-ish posts for quite a while but I never know what to write about, especially on the things-to-do-or-eat front as my readers are from all over, and lets face it, if you don't live there, its not all that interesting. However, London is a place a lot more people are likely to visit and if you're anything like me I love to check out popular places when I go.
If you do visit either of these two restaurants anytime, I'm pretty sure you won't be dissapointed...


I know what you're thinking. Duck, with waffle, and maple syrup, and egg? Yuck! I'm no fancy eater. I could easily live off pizza and chips, I'm really not one for fancy eating. But this was really really good. We had some really nice garlic and chorizo breads, which was a good idea as they were very filling and the mains were quite small. I also, very bravely, tried a bag of bbq pig ears, which do sound gross but were so so nice! Next you have to have the duck and waffle. I mean if you don't, why are you there? Unless you've been before in which case okay. You've got to try it at least, and you'll probably really like it, it goes together surprisingly well! 
The prices aren't cheap but aren't crazy either, I got all this and a glass of wine and payed £33. But what you really pay for here is the view. From my seat I was almost sat next to the top of the gherkin, with amazing views of the Tower of London, Tower Bridge and Canary Wharf too. Plus the glass lift that takes you up is pretty fun. Although it's not the most budget friendly, I really really recommend duck and waffle, even if it's just for a drink in the highest restaurant in Britain!


For something more mainstream, here's a place that was right up my street. Homeslice, in the gorgeous Neals Yard just off Covent Garden. They only do 20" pizzas, you can buy slices, but at £20 for that huge huge piece of yumminess it's not that expensive really, especially seen as you have to share. You can also pick half and half toppings, here we went for salami on one side and spicy peppers and cheeses on the other. The prosecco on tap here was also really yummy, especially sat outside in the sun. I think this is a really nice place to stop midday for a late lunch or just a snack slice if you're peckish. 

That's my two foodie picks if you're visiting London anytime soon, or are lucky enough to live there. Expect a London haul post soon all about the other fun I had walking off my food babies (mostly in Selfridges). 

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Love Charlotte


  1. Great post! I'll definitely be checking out the Duck and Waffle, the view sounds amazing!

    Jenn | PhotoJennic


    1. It really is, it's worth going up to the bar for the view even if that's all you do there. If you go for food like we did I'd recommend getting there early (6ish) to grab a window seat and watch the sun go down too, or even better watch it come up, its open 24 hours! :)
      thanks for the comment xxx


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