Thursday, 17 April 2014

Lustlist #7 Out of my reach

You might call it greedy. You might call it plain stupid. I call it having aspirations. 
Whatever it is, the lustlist is definitely way out of my reach right now. 

Micheal Kors Bag / £170 / I will have this eventually. I now have a mug in my room that I'm collecting spare change and the odd fiver in. Every little helps. 

Nars Matte Multiples/ £30 / So gorgeous but so pricey at thirty quid for such a small product. I know they're really pigmented and will perform so well, but without swatching I can't quite convince myself to buy just yet. 

Models Own Polishes / £5 / Okay so this one is possible. After the success of Models Own Polish for Tans last week my love for Models Own has very much been rekindled. Now I just want more and more.
Nars Contour Blushes/ £30 / I can't really have a matte multiple and this now can I? They essentially will do the same job, so I think it's another wait until I can see them in person and I might just have to get one, or both.

Illamasqua Gel Liner / £18.50 / I'm on the hunt for a new holy grail dramatic liner. Every time I come home I borrow this from my Mum, it's so easy to use with an angled brush, dries really quick and stays put all day. It's love.

Bobbi Brown Gel Liner / £17.50 / This is the gel liner alternative if I decide to try something new, every bblogger and their dog has raved about it so maybe I should go for that instead. Suggestions please. 

Kate Spade Phone Case / £30 / I spied this in the store at Westfield's in London and fell in love. The only problems are the price, the fact I already own far too many cases including a Marc Jacobs one, and the fact that Kate Spade is so difficult to get your mitts on. Actually that last one is probably a good thing. The bags are gorge too.

I think I'll be lusting after these beauties for a while yet...
Charlotte xx

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