Wednesday, 22 January 2014

not so gaga about revision...

A bit of a different post from me today as GagaAboutBeauty gets a little bit boring serious. For lot's of you out there the new year will mean something horrible is looming... exams! I've done a fair few exams in my time, but I still get panicky, nervous, a little bit crazy (not that I wasn't already) and also experience a few periods of denial that exams are coming. While I sit here procrastinating writing this post, I thought I could put my time-wasting to good use and share my revison tips...
PS. If you're reading this STOP, and get revising (once you've finished obviously)...

Tactic Number One : Posters
I'm one of those 'visual learners', which means if I can see things, I learn them. The best way I do this is with posters, which if you do early enough, you can stick up and hopefully some of the info will seep into your brain every time you glance at it. I find posters really helpful for initial revision, as you can add things to them as you go along. Plus, in exams I can really picture what I've written in my head and remember the points for each bubble. 

Tactic Number Two: Prompt Cards
I was never a prompt card person until last year, when I had so many dates to learn for uni I thought I'd give it a try. It worked for everyone else, and now I find it really works for me. I try to write as many points on the card as I can from memory, and then go back and fill in what I've missed. These are really good to put in your bag and read on the train/bus/car (NOT whilst driving), but you do need willpower to read them again and again! They also make it easy for your friends and family to test you even if they know absolutely nothing at all.
Another tip: try reading them out in different accents (an accidental revision technique that was just funny at first but actually helped)!

Tactic Three: Writing it out
The most boring of the tactics maybe, but if you type it it really doesn't take too long. Typing out the notes you memorised in full sentences really puts them into your brain (if that makes any sense at all), plus it's a good way of seeing what you are missing from your notes, which isn't always clear if you just have a list of facts in front of you. 

Tactic Number Four: Test Yourself
This is probably the best way to memorise stuff. You might think you know everything reading it, but can you remember it on the spot? My choice of test this time around was the sheets shown above. I went back through the notes I typed and my posters, and made lists of how many facts I have to remember for each point. Knowing a number really helps me to monitor how well revision is going, plus if you arrange it in the topic questions you think might come up, it creates a really good essay plan already made. Just be careful the question you practised is the same as the one you are answering. 

Tactic Number Five: Practise!
The worst of the lot, and the one I avoid to the very last minute. The best way around it is to just plan your answers in the amount of time you'll give yourself in the exam to plan. Again, remember to adapt yourself to the question asked, countless times I have just blurted out an answer I had practised that wasn't exactly what was being asked. However, these are a really good way to get your brain working like it needs to and it's never as big a shock when you open the paper and need to start writing asap. Again it's good for highlighting where information is missing too...

Tactic Number Six: Buy Pretty Pens
I don't know a single blogger who doesn't love stationery. In fact, I challenge you to find one. Treat yourself whilst revising in a productive way by using nice pens, notebooks, making pretty posters (you'll remember more the more effort you put in), and if you're anything like me you'll be treating yourself to new beauty bits too to keep you sane. 

Well that's my tips, hopefully they might have given some of you inspiration, a little break from hard work or if you have the pleasure of no exams something to look at and make you feel fabulous about exam-free life! Remember to relax and have fun too, don't tire yourself out too quickly. All that's left to say is good luck guys....


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