Monday, 24 March 2014

giving essie a second chance...

(Russian Roulette, Mint Candy Apple, Master Plan)

 I'm not one to dabble in high-end nail polishes if I'm honest. Sure, I love my OPI's and have the occasional Nails Inc free gift splurge (we all know how I feel about their Gel Effects), but when it comes to my fingers and toes I'm easily satisfied with a good ol' Barry M or Models Own offering. At £7.99 Essie isn't a high-end brand, but not a budget one either in the scale of nail prices. I don't know about you but I don't just pop one in my basket as I'm walking by as I do a Rimmel 60 seconds. However, I did do a little dabble in a few Essie's from Fragrance Direct a while back as they were going for £1.99, but I just wasn't impressed. Sure they were nice, but they didn't have pigmentation to rival any budget brand at all, and so although worn every once in a while, they didn't spark an Essie love in me. When I saw Boots had a 3for2 offer on the other week though, I decided it was time to give Essie another chance, picking up Master Plan, one I've been coverting for a while now, Mint Candy Apple, a cult favourite, and Russian Roulette, as I needed another and you can never have too much red in my opinion. On first impressions, I wasn't all that impressed again, I'm afraid to say. Yes the colours are nice, but nothing out of the ordinary (expect for maybe Master Plan but I prefer Nails Inc Porchester Square personally). You easily need two coats, maybe three, to get a full coverage (and I'm all about the one swipe and go). 
However, they did impress me on staying power this time. I rocked Master Plan for a whole 6 days without chipping. Now that's something. 

If you're looking for classic colours with staying power, you want to do your nails once a week and don't mind waiting them extra minutes for another coat to dry, then Essie is for you. But if you're all about the chopping and changing and having a collection with every colour under the rainbow, these probably aren't. If they were to bring out some stellar new shades in summer I might consider, but for the price and the average quality, I won't be getting my pennies out again for this brand anytime soon. Sorry Essie!
Maybe third time lucky?

Lots of love,

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