Monday, 20 January 2014

Lustlist #6 High End Lusting

This is probably my most dangerous lustlist yet considering my student loan just rolled in and it must, I repeat IT MUST last me until April. I don't know what it is about revising but I find myself buying more than ever as I 'treat myself' after about every two hours of revision. Shopping is the only thing that properly de-stresses me (I know, it's an illness).
Here's my high-end shopping list that I only wish I could go out and buy....

1. NARS LIP PENCIL IN CRUELLA I'm absolutely in love with Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencils and I'd love to add another few to my collection. Cruella, a dark, vampy red, is next on my list.

2. KIEHLS MIDNIGHT RECOVERY EYE CREAM I find myself going into Kiehls, sniffing everything, wishing I could wear a lab coat to work and leaving empty handed far too often. The only product I've bought was actually for my boyfriend. I love Origins GinZing Eye Cream but want something more nourishing for nightime, and this looks looooovely.

3. NARS BRONZER IN LAGUNA AND HIGLIGHTER IN ALBATROSS I've got the Nars bug lately, and really want to try the famous Laguna as I've never owned it before. I'm also a massive contour fan and their Albatross highlighter looks like it would fit perfectly into my ever-growing highlighter collection.

4.ORIGINS SUPER SPOT REMOVER- It's no secret I'm a big big Origins fan and I've heard great things about this blemish zapper. Lately my skin has cleared up a lot except for one or two random spots every now and again, so I think this would be perfect to tackle the problem.

5. EMMA HARDIE CLEANSING BALM The world and it's wife has gone on and on about this cleanser for the past year and it's finally time for me to try. The only problem is it's just so pricey, I wish they did mini pots!

Lots of love,

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