Friday, 13 June 2014

The Review: Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette

Way back in December I first dipped my toe into Too Faced with their Smokey Eye Palette, and instantly it was love. Fast forward six months to some serious palette craving and a cheeky purchase of this beauty, the Natural Eyes Palette. This is a new version of their old bestseller but I actually didn't realise this until about four days after I ordered it and saw reviews popping up here there and everywhere. I'm a massive sucker for neutral eyeshadows, and have been looking to expand my matte collection for a while now. It was the top row (first three) shades that really sold this for me, but since arriving it's the middle row that I've used the most. Saying that, I've already got good use of the whole palette, I've worn it a lot lot lot. Every single day in fact. As with all Too Faced eyeshadows these are incredibly pigmented and easy to blend, plus the shades are super wearable. There's none of them annoying shades that you will never use and wish was something else that always seem to sneak into palettes. I like that there isn't too many light shades in here, as I'm a smokey kinda gal, but Silk Teddy is a gorgeous highlight and Heaven makes the perfect base shade or matte highlight. Also, I love that Nudie comes in a larger size as matte light browns are my most used shadows by far, for bases, under eye smudges, or subtle crease definition. It also makes a fab transition colour to prevent block shadow.I must admit I kinda wish there was a matte black in there, but I know that's not a shade most people look for. At £32, it's not cheap but for the amount I will use it I don't consider it ridiculous either.  

It's also so slim and sleek but with the normal size shadows which makes it perfect for travelling. I've been taking it out with me during the day, and that's saying something for me as I never carry makeup. You ain't gonna find me trekking around with a Naked Palette, but this one hasn't left my side.

If you have any extra pennies and fancy treating yourself, I can't recommend this more. I'd go as far as saying this baby is my new best friend. Does that make me crazy?

The Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette is £32, available here.

Charlotte xx


  1. I can't decide on this one or the chocolate bar palette. Both look so gorgeous. The names of these are funny. xx

    1. They are both beautiful! I got this because it's just cheaper plus it matches my other one ha! too faced got cheeky with those names ;)
      Thanks for the comment lovely! Xxx

  2. The shadows looks perfect, I really wish it was available in my country :)
    lets follow each other? :)

    1. Have you tried ordering internationally from sephora? Thanks for the comment xx


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