Sunday, 12 January 2014

Battle of the Bronze

Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan VS St Tropez Bronzing Mousse

I'm a huge huge fan of the bronzed look, I always feel a hundred times better with a tan and I even have a friend who swears by it as a remedy for all situations. Tan isn't for everyone though, and can look a bit very orange if you get it wrong or just are unlucky with your products. I've tried most of the popular tans out there on the market over the past fews, and a few less known beauties, but after a long hard think choosing my favourite is a close battle between these two. St Tropez is a brand I have always turned to as I trust in good results, but the sudden storming of Cocoa Brown One Hour Tan onto the scene in the past year might just have broken an old habit for me...

Application is key to getting a non-streaky, easy tan, and both of these come pretty close really. Both are mousse textures which soak in quickly (I prefer this to wandering around sticky all day), and although could be done by hand I much prefer a mitt. Both are also designed to be left on and then washed off to reveal a lasting natural tan, although I usually leave them until my next shower for full effects rather than the 1 hour or 4 that is reccomended, simply because I like a deep tan. But if you don't have time, one hour?! OMG.  I prefer the texture of the Cocoa Brown actually as it's much more creamy, somewhere between mousse and a sort of lotion, which means it's easier to blend another coat on top if you want one. Both have a tint to them which is essential for me in seeing where I have missed things, meaning you can touch up any dodgy parts before it sets in for good. I find both dry super quickly, you can get dressed within 5 minutes no problem.

Both have gorgeous colours too, deep brown without being too orange, although I feel the St Tropez can look more tangerin-y if you apply more than one coat. As you can leave the Cocoa Brown on for one hour for a light tan or leave for three for a darker bronze, I'd say this one is better if you want to control your colour, stay light, or are just a beginner.

Again both last well, they both advise application once a week although I tend to only wait 5 days-ish or you do start to get it washing off some places before hours (damn those pesky inner-elbows!), however I find the St Tropez washes off faster than Cocoa Brown.

Neither have that horrible tan smell as much as other tans really, and while Cocoa Brown claims to have no smell I'm not too keen on the Gardenia scent it leaves either. Nothing perfume won't sort out though!

Ahh, this is where the difference really shows. You can tell on quality alone there isn't a front-runner here, although I do think I would pick Cocoa Brown if I had to choose. However, considering the St Tropez shown set me back around £30 in Boots, and Cocoa Brown only cost £6, there's no debate really. If you can get your hands on a St Tropez set going cheap in the sales then go for it as it really is fab, but if not look to Marissa Carter's amazing creation. I picked mine up from Primark, but they all sell it online here. 

I'm yet to try any of Cocoa Brown's other offerings, although I've heard from a friend that the Day/Night tan doesn't live up to the rep of its more famous sister. If you have tried it, I'd love to know what you think before I go out and try it!

Happy Bronzing Lovelies,

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