Thursday, 4 September 2014


So earlier this week Tom and I visited one of our favourite places to eat here at home- Aunt Bibby's Smokehouse. The food they serve is right up our street and the atmosphere really cool too. Apologies for the photos, it was quite dark in there (all part of the vibe) and also crowded so I couldn't wapp out the flash without looking like some kinda wierdo. Not that the below photo needs flash for you to appreciate it's wow factor. 

Most importantly, let's talk food. I love it here. Anywhere that sells good pulled pork is a winner for me, but this stuff is really something else. I've had both the pulled pork and shredded chicken sandwiches here now, and both were juicy and so tasty, absolute perfection. Tom, as always, chose the biggest thing on the menu, the 'Lard Arse', which had two cheese burgers, a chicken breast, bacon, pulled pork, onion rings and salad (which he took out and gave to me). I tried a bite and can say it was absolutely amazing. Although in a lot of places I find the bigger plates to be lacking in flavour, this certainly wasn't. 
The real winner here though are the 'Aunt Bibby's' Fries. Oh my word. A mixture of normal and sweet potato fries (why don't they offer this everywhere) topped with pulled pork, bbq sauce and gooey melted cheese. Pure chip heaven. 

(my much smaller portion)

As well as the great quality food the prices here are surprisingly cheap. I think the mega 'Lard Arse' was around £13, including sides, and my pulled pork sandwich around £7. Altogether, with two drinks each, this only totted up to £30 for two. Bargain!
A mention also needs to be given to the special sauces you are given here, all different variations on traditional bbq. These are much runnier than normal sauces, but really yummy drizzled over your food. Treat them more like a nandos sauce than you would a dipping sauce. My favourites are the Louisiana Hot and Bourbon variations, but there's chocolate and blackberry twists for the more adventurous. 

Finally, what tops off the whole thing is that going for tea at Aunt Bibby's is a real experience too. You enter to an american style bar and go through traditional saloon doors to enter the restaurant. Everything is really what I call 'deep south' american, imagine yourself in the wild west or on Route 66. There are signs all over the walls, and the likes of Bon Jovi and Dolly Parton are playing throughout. If you're a Rock Of Ages fan, you at least need to come by for a drink.

All in all, I very much recommend Aunt Bibby's if you're in Hull. This won't be the last time I visit for sure!

Find Aunt Bibby's here.

Have you been here before? Could you suggest anywhere similar for me to try? What do you think of of my new foodie posts?

Charlotte x

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