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If you didn't know already, I'm a slave to the fake tan when it comes to summer. Although in winter I can be a bit on/off with it, I just don't feel right without a tan in summer, and getting a real one is time consuming, probably not gonna happen anyway, not to mention not good for you! But a constant summer glow is also hard to maintain. Here I thought I'd share my routine that keeps my tan going and going right through the sunshine...

Day 1

In the shower : Give your skin a good scrub. This is either to remove any remaining stubborn patches from when you last tanned, or simply to give a smooth base. Whether you have tan on already or not, you need to scrub before reapplication to avoid a multi-coloured effect! Although it might seem like you're just rubbing it away, exfoliating WILL prolong tan in the long run.

After the shower: Moisturise all over, but with a very light moisturiser, concentrating on the dry bits like elbows, wrists and underarms, so that you're not too slippery but wont turn out like patchwork. A great option is The Body Shop's lotions.
Then Tan! I recommend letting the moisturiser sink in for ten minutes for the best results then slap on the good stuff with a mit.

Day 2

In the shower: You want to prolong your tan, so rather than scrub I just use a flannel or hands to wash, no scrubby loofa! This way you won't be seeing all your hard work running down the drain before it has chance to stay. This also applies if you rinsed your tan on the first day (usually I leave mine overnight).

After the shower: On the non tanning days you want to up the moisturing game with a luxurious body butter so keep dry patches at bay and lock in that tan.

Day 3

 Okay so today you can go back to normal loofa scrubbing to gently exfoliate and carry on buttering up. Continue this until you feel ready to tan again, then go back to day 1. I like to tan about once or twice a week, but really it will depend on what fake tan you use. Even if you use a daily gradual tan, I would follow a similar routine of gentle exfoliation and lots of moisturiser.

And that's it! Writing this up it seems a bit long and tiresome, but I promise it's not. It's really just tweaking your shower routine and committing to a bit of extra moisturising, which we should all do really anyway (but don't)!

What are your top tan-prolonging tips? What are your favourite tan brands?
Charlotte xx

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