Wednesday, 26 February 2014

L'Oreal True Match Review...

 (foundation is rose beige, concealer in natural beige)

I don't know why it's taken me so long to blog about this foundation as I absolutely love it! I had heard so many people compare this to the Armani Luminous Silk offering, which people raveee about but I've never had enough pennies to try out, and so this seemed like the perfect alternative to me. The foundation comes in a good range of colours but is a bit stark on the paler side, but I managed to find one after a lot a lot of swatching that matched my skin. It also really helps that this foundation adapts, and it really really does. It completely sinks into the skin as it is so thin and liquidy, if that makes sense, and does so really fast (although this means you have to blend it super-quick) matching the texture of skin perfectly so that you can hardly tell it's there. But the biggie that makes it stand out for me is the coverage. With the rise of the BB and CC and all the ABC's we've all become accustomed to skin-like products, but this one managed medium coverage too. Once builded, I admit it can begin to look cakey so not good for heavier coverage by layering, but for day to day this-is-my-own-skin skin it's perfect. Plus it lasts, so not much need for re-applying!

The concealer is also nice, but not so impressive. As you can see it's really yellow compared to its matching foundation, which means its good for tackling eye-bags, but it's thin so not so good for blemishes. A nice buy, but not one I'm in rush to stock up on. 

The foundation is only £9.99 and concealer £6.99, plus Boots has a 3 for 2 going at the mo which means you can get another little something for free, or if you don't find your shade you could always pick up two (or a summer one for spring!).
I really recommend getting out and trying this for yourself as neither this review or pictures will do it justice. I can't comment on how close it is to luminous silk, but it's pretty darn fab!

Lots of Love,

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