Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Liebster Nomination!

I am so so happy to have been nominated for a Liebster Award by Ally from AllyMarieCatherine (if you haven't read before check her out). For anyone that doesn't know the Liebster award is given to up and coming bloggers who have 200 followers or less...
 There rules are:

1. Post about the Liebster award and thank the blogger who nominated you.
2. Write 11 facts about yourself.
3. Answer 11 questions created by the blogger who nominated you. 
4. Nominate 11 other bloggers with around 200 followers or less as the aim is to help people connect with more blogs (and get even more followers). 
5. Write 11 new questions for your nominees.

Here goes...

1. My Dad is a beekeeper. Yep, he has a big white suit and everything.
2. My favourite place in the whole world is Scarborough, closely followed by Paris. Gotta love the seaside.
3. My biggest pet hate is people interrupting me while I'm singing. Which I cannot do, just to let you know.
4. Turquoise and Coral are my favourite colours.
5. I'm rubbish at thinking of interesting facts. Or maybe I'm just boring.
6. I love marmite.
7. I've never eaten a pot noodle.
8. I love rom coms, especially Pretty Woman.
9. My favourite drink is Fanta Fruit Twist.
10. I'm currently doing two placements at museums alongside uni which makes me crazy busy!
11. I love old school rock music. Alice Cooper's Poison is my all time favourite song.

1. Coca Cola or Pepsi? And if neither, tell me your favourite bevi!
Diet Coke! Although I do love Pepsi Max too.
2. Vanilla or Chocolate? And if neither... Favourite flavour?
Vanilla, I really don't like many chocolate flavoured things.
3. Favourite Beauty Guru/Idol?
Ruth Crilly from A Model Recommends. I will believe anything she tells me.
4. Favourite fashion/style idol?
I don't have one in particular. I love vintage style like Lana Del Rey, but also modern rock-chick or boho style, like Sienna Miller or Kate Moss.
5. Place you would most like to travel to?
Paris! Although I have been 3 times, it's still number one. I'd love New York too. 
6. Favourite novel/author?
Probably Sylvia Plath The Bell Jar or Flowers in the Attic by Virginia Andrews.
7. If you could only ever shop (for fashion and beauty related things) in one place from now until you die, where would you choose?
Probably Topshop. Boring I know but there's fashion and makeup in there. Or maybe Selfridges, but I think a department store is kinda cheating.
8. Who is your absolute favourite blogger?
Vivianna Does Makeup, hands down.
9. Cats or Dogs? (or other?)
Dogs! Although I love my fishes the most.
10. What is your favourite memory?
Oooh thats a tough one. Maybe holidays with the famalam when I was younger.
11. Why did you start blogging and where would you like for it to go?
I'd been reading blogs for a while, had not a lot to do in summer, had tonnes of beauty stuff and just thought I'd give it a go. I love getting to be creative once in a while. I have no idea where I'd like it to go, I don't plan on making a career out of it or anything like that I'm just really happy at the moment that people like to read my stuff. I love all my followers for that (that sounds so cheesy).

1. What was your favourite holiday/special occasion?
2. What is your favourite beauty brand?
3. Roast Potatoes or Mash?
4. What was your last purchase?
5. What is your best tip?
6. Who would be your dream celebrity date?
7. If you could be a fictional character, who would you be?
8. Marmite. Love or hate?
9. All time favourite song.
10. If you could go back in time, where would you go?
11. What do you love most about blogging?

And the nominees are....

I love all of these blogs and they all deserve recognition for being so fab!Have fun completing this girlies...

                                                                Lots of Love,

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